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Techs for License:
DBD Device Offers Transdermal Medicine Delivery

DBD Innovations

Iontophoresis is a well-researched technique for delivering medicines and cosmetic agents through the skin. Current techniques, however, are inefficient, and...

Techs for License:
Dispensing Closure Technology Seals and Separates Ingredients

StarOne Group

The Drop-Top™, a container closure and delivery system, features an internal, multi-cavity design that stores up to three separate doses of...

Tech Needs:
Sterility Verification of a Flowing Liquid

A client seeks a device capable of detecting contamination in a liquid flow. The system needs to detect non-liquid particles, bacteria, yeasts, mold, and/or spores in a continuous liquid stream. Any...

Tech Needs:
Fabrics with an Inherent Thickness

A foam shape must be replaced with a knitted, woven, or nonwoven fabric that derives its thickness from the geometric structure of its components. The current application uses polyurethane foams that range from...

Tech Needs:
Additives to Minimize Dirt Accumulation

Polymeric and non-polymeric additives must release dirt from stucco, decks, and other coated architectural surfaces. A client seeks hydrophobic surfaces that are hard rather than tacky, and offer low surface...

Tech Needs:
Cost-Effective Cholesterol Tests

A client seeks a simple, small, and cost-effective diagnostic cholesterol test kit. The technology must be used directly by a consumer, possibly as an in-home test kit. Results should be visible immediately and...

Techs for License:
Mechanism Allows Pedals to be Used Together or Separately

Current bicycle mechanisms allow only alternate use of pedals, thus halving possible torque. A new arrangement allows simultaneous use of both pedals. The TEJJ cycle uses the force of...

Techs for License:
Technology Tests for Unwanted Microorganisms

Clinical and industrial instruments, clothing, gloves, and work surfaces may contain or acquire microorganisms, which flourish or grow as a function of the environment in which they are located. Such...

Tech Needs:
Natural Food Actives for Positive Mood Enhancement

The overall consumer experience of foods is impacted by various sensory factors including taste, texture, and smell, as well as by ingredients that occur naturally in various foods, which can...

Tech Needs:
New Systemic Chemical Insecticides

A client seeks new synthetic (chemical-based) control agents for insects such as aphids and spider mites. The piercing and sucking insects damage plants by inserting their mouthpart into plant tissues and feeding...

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