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NASA Tech Needs:
Bacteria Elimination from Hard Surfaces

Long-term care facilities are subject to outbreaks of Clostridium difficile (C. diff) bacteria that form a hard shell, enter a vegetative spore state, and are thus able to withstand conventional...

NASA Tech Needs:
Insulating Coating for a Ceramic Substrate

A client seeks an insulating coating for a ceramic substrate and a method of applying it. Electrical leakage from one side of the substrate to the other causes damage. A thin coating is preferred for...

Techs for License:
Hydrogen Degassing System Features Ceramic Rotor

A system for degassing hydrogen uses silicon nitride ceramic rotors. The technology’s rotors stir molten aluminum and disperse the gas. By adding bubbles of an inert gas, hydrogen is drawn...

Techs for License:
CV Number Enables Tunable Ball Valves

A ball valve for process systems has a field-adjustable CV number. The CV number allows the valve to be “tuned” for its system. The ball, controlled by an actuator, is moved 0–90 degrees. An...

NASA Tech Needs:
Industrial-Scale Gas Separation

A company has a process stream made up of a variety of gases and molecules. They seek effective industrial-scale technologies that separate methane from other hydrocarbons in the stream, as well as from lighter...

NASA Tech Needs:
Low-Water Cleaning

The manufacturing of consumer products, foods, and pharmaceuticals requires the implementation of stringent cleaning requirements of all batch, semi-continuous, and continuous processes equipment. High standards of...

Techs for License:
Safety Glass Offers Near-Infrared Heat Reflection

New safety glass technology reflects 50% of solar radiation and transmits 70% of visible light. A non-micellar twisted nematic liquid crystal features cholesteric...

Techs for License:
Microwave System Accelerates Concrete Curing

A Microwave Irradiated Pyrogen (MIP) system speeds up the concrete curing process. The use of a microwave allows the technology to operate in cold weather. Because the MIP accelerates the heating...

NASA Tech Needs:
Viscosity Thickeners for Adhesive Polymer

A client uses sodium and potassium stearates to build body and viscosity in a polymer dispersion intended as an adhesive. The stearates adversely affect shear strength after the dispersion cures....

NASA Tech Needs:
New Sensations for Saline Nasal Sprays

New sensations for saline sprays and washes must moisturize dry nasal passages and relieve a stuffy nose. Additives such as eucalyptus or sesame oil, for example, produce coolness or warmth. The desired...

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