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Turbo-Cycle Rotor Engine

An engine with a very low part count, high power density, and flexibility to operate with a constant pressure burn for high efficiency is in the concept stage. It is optimizable for power, efficiency, and high power...

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Laser Beam and Illumination Field Quality



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Viscoelastic Surfactants



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Controlling Devices Using the Ear as an Output Source



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Technique Measures Material Properties

Developed for quality control and wafer metrology in the semiconductor manufacturing market, this non-destructive technology may be highly adaptable to measuring material properties such as a coating’s...

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Diagnostic and Sorting Technologies

This non-invasive technology enables accurate plant quality assessments before any physiological change is perceived by the naked eye. Plants, and plant parts, can be assessed at any stage of growth. The...

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Waste Rubber Recycling Technology and Equipment



Techs for License:
Flexible, Formable, Paintable LCDs



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