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SST (Speaker-Specific Technology) improves the performance of equalized audio systems, particularly “cone cry” found in lower-end equipment. The SST correction algorithm is based on the...

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An engine with a very low part count, high power density, and flexibility to operate with a constant pressure burn for high efficiency is in the concept stage. It is optimizable for power, efficiency, and high power...

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This device measures the characteristics of a line of laser illumination. The device determines uniformity of total and peak energy; uniformity in spot size, focal points, and threshold...

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Techs for License

Using sound waves captured in the inner ear, this technology creates an enhanced method of device control. Sound waves are generated in the inner ear by talking or making...

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By means of a tracking system in a secure, unique, and confidential manner, EZ2TRACK can identify the authenticity of the product being protected by a...

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Developed for quality control and wafer metrology in the semiconductor manufacturing market, this non-destructive technology may be highly adaptable to measuring material properties such as a...

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This non-invasive technology enables accurate plant quality assessments before any physiological change is perceived by the naked eye. Plants, and plant parts, can be assessed at any stage of growth. The...

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