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Techs for License:
Multiple-Component Fibers Strengthen Non-Woven Fabric

A technology provides a full-surface, bonded, nonwoven fabric with a tensile strength suitable for packaging, bubble packs, and other applications requiring tear resistance....

Techs for License:
Microwave Energy Removes Fuel- Processing Impurities

A traditional sulfur-adsorption bed uses microwave energy to remove, or desorb, captured impurities. Conventional adsorption beds use heat and sometimes vacuum to cleanse the bed of...

NASA Tech Needs:
Dissolution Device

To enhance transportability and shelf life, many drugs and pharmaceuticals are distributed as freeze-dried formulations. The formulations must be dissolved before they can be injected. A client therefore seeks a new device...

NASA Tech Needs:
Grab-Bars and Safety Grips

Because of their weight and the weight they bear, most grab-bars must be installed permanently in a home, usually by drilling through the wall material and into a wall stud. In the case of grab-bars installed in a...

Techs for License:
Acceleration Sensor Enables New Robotics Applications

The Inclinos 3DS inclination and acceleration sensor, based on thermodynamic effects, exhibits no hysteresis in response signal (output lag). A power distribution of four heaters is...

Techs for License:
Water-Based Cooling Fluid Reduces Corrosion

A water/propylene glycol-based formulation acts as a heattransfer medium and reduces the corrosion of sensitive metals by 10x to 100x in heat exchangers, radiators, cold plates, and associated...

NASA Tech Needs:
Adhesion Prevention for Sheet Goods

A company produces and stacks sheet goods that have a naturally viscous and sticky surface material. The sticky material is applied at about 480 °F. During application, the coating has a specific gravity...

NASA Tech Needs:
Smooth Dispensing of Adhesive

Without producing clumps, a professional adhesive must be poured in a consistent and smooth way. A company seeks a dispenser/ applicator that can handle a thick, gelatinous, preformed, professional-quality...

Techs for License:
Manufacturing Process Supports Cost- Effective TPM Production

Transverse Flux Machines (TFMs) are brushless motors and generators that use permanent magnets. A TFM’s direction of magnetic flux is perpendicular to the direction of...

Techs for License:
Land-Intensive Solar Tracker Generates Photovoltaic Power

A solar tracker enables the construction of independent power sources and a micro-grid. The mechanism of the land-intensive system has two independent virtual axes for azimuthal moving...

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