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Enabling Small-Form-Factor, High-Capacity Small-Cell Platforms

There are about eight billion people who use cellphones to communicate, access social media, and upload and download videos and other content. This insatiable demand for connectivity and data will continue to increase. By 2020, and beyond, there could be a 1,000x increase in mobile...

News : Energy
Technology Powers Implants Wirelessly Via Ultrasound

Scientists have developed a demonstrator that powers active implants wirelessly via ultrasound. Ultrasound waves have a broader range in the body, and they penetrate the implant’s metal casing more easily than electromagnetic waves. The ultrasound waves are also capable of bidirectional...

News : Sensors/Data Acquisition
Smart Threads Could Save Lives

Engineers are joining forces with designers, scientists, and doctors at Drexel University to produce new biomedical textiles, and the resulting smart clothes are not only fashionably functional but could also be life savers.

Articles : Communications
Precision Coffeemaker Adapts Brews to Beans and Taste

Technology often takes circuitous paths. A magnetron developed for precision bombing during World War II led to the microwave oven, and a battery-powered drill created for collecting samples of Moon rock gave birth to the Dustbuster. Likewise, one student’s NASA experience with autonomous...

News : Electronics & Computers
New Radio Technology Extends Mobile Device Battery Life

University of Massachusetts Amherst professors introduced a new radio technology that allows small mobile devices to take advantage of battery power in larger devices nearby for communication. The Braidio, or braid of radios, can offload energy to larger devices nearby and, in effect, make...

Briefs : Communications
Heterogeneous Spacecraft Networks

Heterogeneous Spacecraft Networks (HSNs) are network environments in which spacecraft from different missions and institutions can communicate with each other at a low cost and with low impact on overall system resources. The technology of heterogeneous wireless networks has yet to be extended to space networks,...

Briefs : Communications
Space Optical Communications Using Laser Beams

NASA has developed a new technology for space optical communications, including communications from the Earth to spacecraft in Earth orbit and in deep space, such as at the Moon and Mars. The innovation changes the architecture of space optical communications so that a new laser beam pointing...

Briefs : Communications
Hybrid Loop Element Design for Enhanced High-Frequency Reflector/Reflectarray Performance

The purpose of this invention is to provide a novel, low-loss, dual-band reflectarray element design that is transparent and low-loss across one frequency band (Ka-band in the initial application), and provides the phasing and beam collimation capability...

Briefs : Communications
Using a Power Grid as an Extremely Large Antenna for Geophysical Imaging

Geomagnetic storms drive geomagnetically induced currents (GICs) in high-voltage power transmission systems. GICs thus carry information about the near-space environment conditions. The U.S. high-voltage power transmission system was used as an extremely large antenna to...

News : Communications
NASA and FAA Demonstrate Wireless Communication with Aircraft

For the first time ever, a team of engineers at NASA’s Glenn Research Center conveyed aviation data -- including route options and weather information -- to an airplane over a wireless communication system for aircraft on the ground. The demonstration, conducted with the Federal...

News : Green Design & Manufacturing
Beach Buoys Detect Water Contamination

Beachgoers may soon be able to know in a timely manner if the water is clean enough for swimming. The technology comes in the form of buoys that are deployed in the water near a beach. By combining statistical models with real-time data gathered by sensors embedded in the buoys, they provide quick and...

Articles : Information Technology
The Synergy of Engineering

At the Hannover Messe trade fair in Germany, Eplan Software & Service, with its affiliate company Cideon, introduced Syngineer, an innovative communication and information platform that integrates mechanical engineering, software engineering, and controls engineering through one mechatronic structure. Eplan, a...

News : Communications
IoT Drives Demand for Automotive Circuit Protection Solutions

In the past, automobiles were made up of many independent electronic systems. Even the assembly lines that were used to manufacture the vehicles required the operation and management of multiple independent systems. However, the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) has changed...

News : Communications
Manufacturing Optical Chips with Multiple Purposes

Researchers are at the forefront of a revolution in microwave photonics, developing the first all-purpose programmable optical chips. Optical chips or processors are used in everything from biomedical devices to telecommunications networks. As it stands, each chip has to be custom designed and...

Briefs : Communications
Mini-Stamp as a Micro-Display for At-a-Glance Subsystem Information for DSN Links

Operators of the Deep Space Network (DSN) attend to numerous tasks with the overall goal of providing continuous support for the world’s deep space missions. This high-stakes operations environment requires operators to understand the state of the DSN and predict...

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