White Papers : Electronics & Computers
Concise Technical Guide to Reed Relays

If used correctly, a reed relay is a superbly reliable device. The switch contacts are hermetically sealed, so do not suffer from oxidization or contamination in the same way as an open electromechanical relay. However in reality, relays are often considered slightly mundane and little thought is given to...

White Papers : Robotics, Automation & Control
New Guidelines for Component Placement in The Age of Automation

Every board designed is unique, has different requirements, and requires different trade-offs on the design. But, there are new guidelines for component placement in today’s age of automation that will go a long way toward creating a professional board that can be quickly and...

White Papers : Electronics & Computers
Vehicle Electrification: Disrupting the Automotive Industry and Beyond

Governments all around the globe are mandating a shift from internal combustion and hybrid vehicles toward fully electric powertrains; however, the trend toward electrification goes deeper than that. The explosion of supervisory control and drive by wire means subsystems like...

White Papers : Electronics & Computers
Alternative Solutions for Powering IoT Devices

In this article from the latest edition of the Newark element14 Tech Journal, we look at why edge devices need power, and the options for reducing this need to a level where energy harvesting becomes sustainable. We examine some examples of the most popular energy harvesting technologies available,...

White Papers : Electronics & Computers
How to Reduce Control Panel Costs Using IEC Devices and Busbar Systems

The next evolutionary step in refining control panel design is through the use of busbar. In this informative, free white paper from Rittal, you’ll learn how the IEC-busbar combination, an internationally accepted power distribution technique, can deliver reduced labor and...

White Papers : Electronics & Computers
Optimizing IIoT Time to Value with IT-OT Alignment in Transportation

Digital transformation is a major disruptive force facing the transportation industry today. The rise of “smart” machines and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has forced industrial organizations to rethink the way they look at physical assets and operations. But in...

White Papers : Sensors/Data Acquisition
Complete Guide to Building a Measurement System

You can choose from many different sensors on the market today to measure all types of natural phenomena. This white paper categorizes and compares the most common sensors for measuring seven of these phenomena to help you choose the best option for your application.

White Papers : Electronics & Computers
Sensors are Fundamental to New Intelligent Systems

The evolution of intelligent electronic sensors is creating a revolution for IoT and Industrial IoT as companies bring new sensor-based, intelligent systems to market. These systems now incorporate processors and software and they include communication hardware in order to move data into the...

White Papers : Electronics & Computers
Preparing for an IoT Edge Project

Before starting your IoT edge device development process, it is wise to spend time preparing for your new project. Planning before you start will limit frustration and save you time and money in the long run. Before diving into the task, study the 15 preparation considerations in this white paper.

White Papers : Electronics & Computers
Preventing IoT Edge Device Vulnerabilities

Security issues around IoT edge devices are rarely mentioned in the literature. However, the projected billions of IoT edge devices out in the wild makes for a vast attack surface. Should hardware designers be concerned about security for IoT edge devices? And, is it worth the effort and cost to ensure...

White Papers : Electronics & Computers
Implementing an IoT Edge Device While Minimizing NRE

One designer in a garage, a small startup and even small groups within large companies are designing IoT edge devices. These designers need to keep non-recurring expense (NRE) down by using affordable design tools that are easy to use to quickly produce results and by minimizing IP and...

White Papers : Sensors/Data Acquisition
7 Cost Saving Steps for Your Next Design

Every company wants to decrease costs without affecting the quality of their products or services. There is rarely a perfect way to achieve this and PCB design and assembly is no exception. When searching for a low-volume assembly shop to populate your boards, it may be tempting to use a low-cost shop to...

White Papers : Communications
Evaluation of LTE-M towards 5G IoT Requirements

LTE-M, a machine-focused variant of the 3GPP LTE standard, is designed to meet the high-coverage, low-cost, and low-power consumption requirements of the Internet of Things (IoT). In January 2017, a group of more than a dozen industry players evaluated LTE-M's coverage performance, and published a...

White Papers : Electronics & Computers
Basics of Electric Heaters

Hotwatt has manufactured specialized electric heating elements for over 64 years, all made in the USA. Products include cartridge, air process, immersion, strip and finned strip, tubular and finned tubular, band, compressor crankcase, foil, flexible rope and ceramic heaters. We are a quality supplier to OEM's in the in...

White Papers : Test & Measurement
How to Use 3D Printing for Fast, Low-Cost Product Development and Iteration

Most people think of 3D printing as a mock-up tool. Sure — creating cheap, fast prototypes is an advantage, but it’s just a step on the way to injection molding for mass manufacturing. Now, industrial 3D printing services like Shapeways are upending that model. In a...

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