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Why All The Talk About High-Power LED Technology?

It is in the headlines worldwide. Cities, states, and countries around the globe are transitioning away from traditional lighting and towards newer technologies such as high-power LEDs for traffic, street, and other public lighting applications.

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Power Conversion for Reduced Cost, Volume, and Weight - and Increased Efficiency

Industry and consumers are increasingly aware of the benefits of efficacious use of metered power, as costs and cost trends increase. Making the right choices for power converter design can produce rapid investment payback in applications such as for LED...

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Keep Lighting Green from Start to Finish With Proper Packaging and Disposal of Used Fluorescent Lamps

Fluorescent lamps are a popular lighting option for businesses and consumers that are looking for ways to conserve energy and cut down on wastes. Since mercury - a very useful but very toxic element - is used to conduct the charge in...

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Light Emitting Diodes — Choosing the Right LED for the Job

Understanding how LEDs work and what materials are used for ideal operation in various spectral ranges will aid in selecting the right color and ideal wavelengths for a variety of applications. This article will discuss the newest LED technology and products that are available for your...

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LED Spectra Pose New Design Challenges and Opportunities

We normally think of ‘white’ light as being comprised of all wavelengths in the visible spectrum, or at least of being comprised of red, green, and blue. However, white LEDs emit light only in the yellow and blue, and still appear to be white. How does this work?

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How to Address the Lighting Challenges of High-Brightness LEDs

Two overriding issues should be considered when driving high-brightness (HB) LEDs. The first is to ensure that a fairly constant current is available with minimal variation, since a fluctuation in current can cause an apparent change in brightness. The LED having a nonlinear response...

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Measuring LED and Solid State Lighting Performance

Light emitting diodes (LEDs) and solid state lighting (SSL) products that incorporate LEDs pose many measurement challenges compared with other lighting elements, such as traditional tungsten and fluorescent. Advanced optical radiation measurement equipment and new techniques are often required...


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