Briefs : Mechanical & Fluid Systems
Titan Lake and Shore Sampler

The device is suitable for cryogenic dispensing of fluids, and for cryocoolers.

A lake and shore sampling and sample distribution system was developed for a Titan lake environment (93.7 K, in liquid hydrocarbons). The Titan Lake and Shore Sampler (TLASS) would enable the chemical analysis of hydrocarbon lake...

Briefs : Sensors/Data Acquisition
VLBI Antenna Calibration by GPS

This technique could be adapted to monitor deformations of any large outdoor structure including dams, bridges, and buildings.

The determination of local geodetic parameters for VLBI (very-long-baseline interferometry) antennas is traditionally done by conventional surveying techniques. These techniques...

Briefs : Medical
Predicting Heart Age Using Electrocardiography

Knowledge of a patient’s cardiac age, or “heart age,” could prove useful to both patients and physicians for encouraging lifestyle changes that are potentially beneficial for cardiovascular health. This may be particularly true for patients who exhibit symptoms, but who test negative for...

Briefs : Information Technology
Integrated and Automated Software Test Environment for JPL Software Defined Radio

Software has been developed that provides an integrated and automated test environment for the Space Telecommunications Radio System (STRS). This software package is Linux based and provides interactive and scripted control to test the JPL Software Defined Radio...

Briefs : Information Technology
Integrated Genomic and Proteomic Information Security Protocol

A security protocol requires a cryptanalysis infrastructure not available to most attackers.

The motivation for this research is the fact that, for a variety of reasons, networks and their existing authentication and confidentiality infrastructure are becoming more...

Briefs : Software
Flight Processor Virtualization for Size, Weight, and Power Reduction

A flight software system that was originally deployed on six separate physical processors is modeled using a single processor.

This work demonstrated the cost-saving and fault-tolerant benefits of virtualization technology by consolidating the flight software from...

Briefs : Information Technology
Interface Validation for Distributed Software Systems

As a result of performing IV&V (Independent Verification and Validation) on Space Station software, a number of interface faults were found during integrated testing or actual software deployment. Faults found at this late phase of the software development lifecycle are very expensive to...

Briefs : Information Technology
Simple, Scalable, Script-Based Science Processing Archive

The system provides data access control, data subscription, metadata publication, and data recovery.

Simple, Scalable, Script-based, Science Processing (S4P) Archive (S4PA) is a disk-based data-archiving system for remote sensing data. It is based on the data-driven framework of...

Briefs : Information Technology
A Model-Driven Science Data Product Registration Service

The Registry Service will provide functionality for tracking, auditing, locating, and maintaining artifacts within the system.

The Planetary Data System (PDS) has undertaken an effort to overhaul the PDS data architecture (e.g., data model, data structures, data dictionary, etc.)...

Briefs : Information Technology
Model Predictive Automatic Recovery System

This innovation is designed for aircraft on the verge of a loss-of-control situation.

In commercial aviation, there have been several recent cases of unstabilized approaches that have resulted in crash landings short of the runway. Some of the direst consequences of these incidents may be...

Briefs : Information Technology
Rapid Prototyping Lab (RPL) Generic Display Engine

Spacecraft display software is very costly and requires extensive testing and certification. Much testing must be repeated if the display software is changed in any way. Additionally, hand-coded displays are costly to create and maintain. For certain types of display formats with limited...

Briefs : Information Technology
Computer Modeling for Generation of Synthetic Radio Reflection-Transmission Tomography (RRTT) Data

Numerical algorithms capable of generating synthetic radio tomography data (reflection transmission data) for asteroids, comets, and other near-Earth orbits (NEOs) were developed. Future missions to main asteroid belt objects, NEOs, and other small...

Briefs : Information Technology
Designing Planning Information for Automation into PRL

Automation and autonomy are key elements in realizing the vision for space exploration. The NASA Exploration Technology Development Program (ETDP) has been developing several core autonomy capabilities, one of which is called a procedure representation language (PRL). PRL can be...

Briefs : Information Technology
The OCO-2 Level 2 Retrieval Algorithm

The Orbiting Carbon Observatory (OCO) strives for trace gas observations with unprecedented accuracy and precision. This requires a retrieval algorithm with many major improvements over existing retrieval software in the representation of the transfer of solar radiation through the atmosphere and instrument,...

Briefs : Information Technology
Ionospheric Slant TEC Analysis Using GNSS-Based Estimation (IonoSTAGE)

As signals emitted by global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) propagate toward users on or near the surface of the Earth, they experience delay due to the presence of charged particles in the ionosphere. Currently, ionospheric delay is the largest source of GNSS...


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