News : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Photoreversible Molecular Switch Changes Thermoresponsive Polymer

Researchers have developed a novel strategy to control the shapes of polymeric materials by utilizing photoresponsive molecular switches. This could aid the development of an...

News : Sensors/Data Acquisition
Agile New Robot Takes ‘Roach’ Approach
A JHU team has developed a prototype robot that steals some moves from a Central American cockroach species known as blaberus discoidalis.
News : Electronics & Computers
Initially Moon-Bound, A New Demolition Probe Breaks Ground on Earth

An electrically-driven demolition probe originally funded by NASA enables a more precise, quieter fracturing method that its creators hope will give construction workers on...

News : Mechanical & Fluid Systems
Magnetic Fields Enable New Soft Robots

Researchers from North Carolina State University have a found a new way to control robots. The team used magnetic fields to remotely manipulate microparticle chains embedded in soft robotic devices.

News : Mechanical & Fluid Systems
Machine-Learning System Recognizes Sounds from Video

A machine learning system from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) recognizes sounds by watching video. The neural network interprets natural sounds in terms of image categories, without hand-annotated training data.

News : Sensors/Data Acquisition
New Device Enables Sample Processing and Optical Detection on Single Chip

For well over a decade, electrical engineer Holger Schmidt has been developing devices for optical analysis of samples on integrated chip-based platforms, with applications in areas such as biological sensors, virus detection, and chemical analysis. The latest device from...

News : Mechanical & Fluid Systems
Flywheel Technology Could Save Power for Light Rail Transit

University of Alberta mechanical engineering professors are making an old technology new again by using flywheel technology to assist light rail transit (LRT) in Edmonton. They examined the possibility of using flywheel technology to store energy generated when the city’s LRT trains...

News : RF & Microwave Electronics
Standing Still May Improve Antennas That Scan in All Directions

Antennas often need to trace circles in the sky. For example, radar arrays atop air-traffic control towers rotate to sweep signals in all directions. But spinning large objects nonstop takes a lot of time and mechanical energy. So scanning from a stationary position could speed up...

News : Test & Measurement
Lab-on-a-Stick Provides Fast Detection of Antibiotic Resistance

A portable power-free test for the rapid detection of bacterial resistance to antibiotics has been developed. The Lab-on-a-Stick is an inexpensive microfluidic strip – comprising of tiny test tubes about the size of a human hair – capable of identifying bacteria found in urine...

News : Mechanical & Fluid Systems
Intelligent Machine Tool Prototype

A research group led by Professor Shirase Keiichi of the Kobe University Graduate School of Engineering has developed a prototype machine tool that can manufacture metal components and operates like a 3D printer. This development could speed up the manufacture of custom-made products such as dental implants and...

News : Medical
Microfluidic Chip Replicates Muscle-Nerve Connection

MIT engineers developed a microfluidic device that replicates the neuromuscular junction — the vital connection where nerve meets muscle. The device, about the size of a U.S. quarter, contains a single muscle strip and a small set of motor neurons.

News : Aerospace
Space Station Crew 3D Prints Student-Designed Tool

A college student who won a NASA design challenge recently had the tool he designed 3D-printed on the Additive Manufacturing Facility on the International Space Station. The Multipurpose Precision Maintenance Tool was printed by astronaut Jeff Williams onboard the station.

News : Electronics & Computers
Researchers Keep Hydrogels Hydrated

Engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed a way to prevent hydrogels from dehydrating. The water-based technique could lead to longer-lasting contact lenses, stretchy microfluidic devices, flexible bioelectronics, and even artificial skin.

News : Photonics/Optics
Core Alignment Fusion Splicer

Furukawa Electric (Tokyo, Japan) and OFS (Norcross, GA) recently introduced the FITEL S179 Hand-Held, Core Alignment Fusion Splicer. The FITEL S179 Fusion Splicer can be used on all Metro, LAN and FTTx fibers, including ultra-bend insensitive fibers. The FITEL S179 Fusion Splicer’s large-capacity battery system...

News : Mechanical & Fluid Systems
Three-Axis Gimbal Mount

The high precision, AU300-XZ Motorized Three-axis Gimbal Mount from Optimal Engineering Systems, Inc. (OES) (Van Nuys, CA) features full 360O rotation of each axis. The rigid black anodized aluminum alloy frame handles loads to 10kg (22.5 lbs) and has the clearance (300 mm x 300 mm, 11.8 in. x 11.8 in.) necessary for...


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