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Motion Control

Browse innovative developments in motion control technologies. Find essential news, technical briefs, and applications used in PID controllers, servo motors, direct drive solutions, autonomous positioning, and motion-related components.

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Gear Drives and Motors

Boston Gear and Bauer Gear Motor, Altra Industrial Motion companies (South Beloit, IL) announced the addition of inline models to the Series 2000 right angle helical gear drives and gearmotors. The Boston Gear Series...

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Dynapar (Gurnee, IL) has announced the SLIM Tach ST56 encoder, a magnetic digital tachometer that provides position and velocity feedback from electric motors in both industrial and harshduty environments. The encoder also comes with...

Products: Robotics, Automation & Control
Linear Position Sensors

Vented versions of the CD 375 Series of miniature AC-operated LVDT position sensors are available from Macro Sensors (Pennsauken, NJ). The sensors withstand high pressures and temperatures in applications where space...

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Spring-Engaged Brakes

Nexen Group (Vadnais Heights, MN) has introduced the FMBS flange-mounted, spring-engaged safety brakes with high thermal capacity for NEMA C-Face motors and gear reducers. With continuous thermal dissipation, the brakes...

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Servo Drives

Technosoft (Neuchatel, Switzerland) has announced the iPOS3602 BX-CAN and iPOS3604 BXCAN closed-frame intelligent drives. Equipped with a CAN interface, the drives control rotary or linear brushless, DC brush, and step motors of...

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Electronic Valves

Clippard Instrument Laboratory (Cincinnati, OH) has introduced the Analytical Series electronic valves available in 2-way or 3-way, normally closed or fully ported. The “A-E” Series pneumatic valves utilize a patented...

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Dispensing Pump

Aalborg® Instruments (Orangeburg, NY) offers the TPV RP dispensing peristaltic pumps with adjustable RPM that can be timer-relay set to start dispensing liquids for a selected time period, and to stop dispensing...

Linear guide rails are an important component within aircraft interiors. Following are some of the places where they are used:

• For seat adjustments — forward...

Application Briefs: Robotics, Automation & Control
Custom Drive System Helps Mercedes-Benz Reduce Draft in Convertibles

The AIRCAP® automatic draft stop, offered in the Mercedes-Benz E-Class convertibles, is distinctively different from conventional angular wind deflectors. It is entirely...

Products: Motion Control

The NV type STUDROLLER™ from NB Corp. (Hanover Park, IL) is designed for motion control applications with extremely fast acceleration and deceleration at dimensions ranging from 30 to 600-mm lengths. The slide features Anti-Creep...

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Control Platform

The Ensemble® LAB control platform from Aerotech (Pittsburgh, PA) enables automation of light industrial manufacturing applications. The full-color touchscreen display enables access to core functionality, while the tabbed...

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Inclination Sensors

Balluff (Florence, KY) offers BSI inclination sensors that measure the deviation in a horizontal axis of up to 360 degrees. They operate in temperatures down to -40 °C. They feature rugged metal housing and accuracy of...

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Coupler Brake

Force Control Industries (Fairfield, OH) offers a double C-Face coupler brake that mounts on the drive end of a standard C-Face motor. Mounting the brake between the reducer and C-Face motor allows a standard C-face motor to be...

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Rotary Actuator

Oriental Motor (Torrance, CA) has introduced the DGII Series hollow rotary actuator that uses an AR Series closed loop motor. In addition to the pulse input type package, a built-in controller (stored data) type package with...

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Slotless Motor

Koford Engineering (Winchester, OH) offers a 6,300-rpm, hollow shaft, 48-mm-diameter, slotless, 2-pole motor with a shaft bore size of .400". The motor is designed for low temperature rise and low operating current (.06 amps...

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Servo Controller

PI (Physik Instrumente) LP (Auburn, MA) offers the C-884 4-axis digital servo controller for motorized linear translation stages and rotary positioners with very high accuracy and repeatability. The high-speed encoder...

Products: Robotics, Automation & Control

BEI Kimco Magnetics (Vista, CA) has released the Moving Magnet voice coil actuator series. When combined with smart drive electronics, the actuator can be controlled for speed and desired output force. Moving magnet actuators are...

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Linear Motors

Applimotion (Loomis, CA) offers LARC (Linear Arc) motors for large-diameter applications greater than 1 meter in diameter. The modular nature of the motors allows them to integrate with large assemblies for scanning, imaging,...

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Position Switches

AutomationDirect (Cumming, GA) offers the NITRA® line of position switches for pneumatic cylinders, including round, dovetail, t-slot, square, and D-shaped. Additional dovetail accessories are available to accommodate...

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Rotary Position Sensor

Piher Sensors & Controls (Chicago, IL) has introduced the MTS-360 Mechanical Mount rotary position sensor with integral PCB. Designed with the sensor directly mounted onto a PCB, the package allows engineers to install...

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Vibration Isolator

Minus K Technology (Inglewood, CA) has released the CM-1 compact, high-capacity, low-frequency, negative-stiffness isolator designed to support heavy payloads while reducing low-frequency vibrations. The isolator comes in...

Products: Robotics, Automation & Control
Rotary Position Sensors

Bourns (Riverside, CA) has introduced the Bourns® Model AMS22U and Model AMM20B non-contacting rotary position sensors for rugged environments. They utilize magnetic Hall Effect (HE) technology, and are designed for...

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Linear Servo Actuator

Tolomatic (Hamel, MN) offers the IMA integrated linear servo actuator with ball screws that provide up to 58 inches per second. Designed for long life in high duty cycles, the actuator is suited for press fitting...

Products: Motion Control

The Simatic S7-1500 controllers from Siemens Industry (Chicago, IL) feature integrated motion control, security, and safety functions, as well as a color display. The controllers feature a backplane bus with a high baud rate and...

Products: Robotics, Automation & Control
Cartesian Robot

IAI America (Torrance, CA) offers a Cartesian robot with commanded acceleration of up to 3.2 G (maximum instantaneous acceleration: 4.8 G). The dedicated cast aluminum frame ensures high rigidity. The shape and vibration...

Products: Robotics, Automation & Control
AC Vector Drives

The SK 200E series distributed size 4 AC vector drives from NORD Gear Corp. (Waunakee, WI) offers power capacity to 30 HP. The drives are capable of operating up to 15-HP motors on 200 to 240 VAC 3-phase power, and up to...

Products: Robotics, Automation & Control
Lens Actuator

New Scale Technologies (Victor, NY) offers the UTAF (ultra-thin auto focus) piezoelectric lens actuator module that measures 8.5 × 8.5 × 3.8 mm. The module integrates the company’s UTAF piezoelectric beam motor with a drive...

Products: Robotics, Automation & Control
Gear Reducer

The Able VRB Gear Reducer from Shimpo Drives is available from (Greenville, DE), and is suited for packaging machinery, medical equipment, and assembly cell automation. The standard mounting is a through-bolt style....

Where accuracy is concerned, robots have traditionally relied on repeatability. In the past, robotic accuracy has not been developed to a level of maturity acceptable to standard production...

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