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Motion Control

Browse innovative developments in motion control technologies. Find essential news, technical briefs, and applications used in PID controllers, servo motors, direct drive solutions, autonomous positioning, and motion-related components.

Nine teams of solar powered model cars competed during the inaugural Junior Solar Sprint (JSS) competition held at the STEM Education and Outreach Center at Aberdeen Proving...

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'Active' Surfaces Control How Particles Move

Researchers at MIT and in Saudi Arabia have developed a new way of making surfaces that can actively control how fluids or particles move across them. The work might enable new kinds of biomedical or microfluidic devices, or solar panels that could automatically clean themselves of dust and...

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Redundant Sensors Improve Precision and Reliability

Some machine processes, such as presses, can require extreme accuracy in applying and holding force on an object. A popular way to measure force is via load cells. But what do you do when...

The important job of a farmer requires long hours of field work. The often monotonous tasks of driving agricultural vehicles to work long rows in the field — whether it...

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Compact Active Vibration Control System

This innovation consists of an analog controller, diamond-shaped patch actuator, and point sensors (such as accelerometers). The actuator is designed to couple to the flexural response of the structure in the same manner as a group of point sensors. This results in a co-located transducer pair. The signals...

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Deep Throttling Turbopump

Advancement in space exploration necessitates deep throttling of liquid cryogenic rocket engines. Both lunar and Martian robotic and human exploration require engines that can be deep throttled,can start and restart, have a long life, and require minimal maintenance. An engine that is capable of deep throttling at low...

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Analyzing Rollover Stability of Capsules With Airbags Using LS-Dyna

As NASA moves towards developing technologies needed to implement its new Exploration program, studies conducted for Apollo in the 1960s to understand the rollover stability of capsules landing are being revisited. Although rigid body kinematics analyses of the rollover behavior...

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Test Fixture for Isolation of Vibration Shaker from G-Loading

The first step in implementing the capability to test sensitive launch vehicle instruments in a combined environment has been completed. The test environment consists of specific vibration spectra induced under sustained Gs, using NASTAR’s ATFS-400 centrifuge. Fixtures allow...

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Rotary Series Elastic Actuator

In order to perform human-like movement, an actuator is placed at each degree of freedom (DOF) in a humanoid robot. Additionally, these actuators must be packaged in an arrangement that approximates human structure and appearance. In this innovation, a rotary actuator assembly incorporates a brushless DC motor, a...

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3D Printer Bearing Filament

igus (East Providence, RI) has introduced plastic filament for 3D printers enhanced with low friction properties. The material is 50 times more resistant to wear and abrasion than conventional 3D printer...

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NB Slide Ways from NB Corporation of America (Hanover Park, IL) are non-recirculating linear motion bearings used in optical and measurement equipment where high-precision movement is required. The SV style consists of two roller...

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The 92.1 and 93.1 Series gearboxes from NORD Gear Corp. (Waunakee, WI) feature a two-stage helical-bevel design. Both series are available in five gear case sizes, and are characterized by an open, self-draining outer surface. The...

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The T-Series industrial inclinometer from BEI Sensors (Goleta, CA) measures slope or tilt angles of an object with respect to gravity. It uses MEMS technology, and offers a range of motion feedback including dual-axis up to...

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Guide Wheel

Bishop-Wisecarver Group (Pittsburg, CA) offers a DualVee® guide wheel designed for use in vacuum environments to achieve linear and rotary motion within high-tech processes and vacuum chamber environments. The vacuum wheels are...

Products: Motion Control

Sherborne Sensors (Wyckoff, NJ) has announced the A820 Series of DC-operated, dual-axis, ultra-low-range servo accelerometers suitable for deployment in structural health monitoring applications where compact design and...

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Brushed DC Motors

The DCX 16 S and DCX 32 L brushed DC motors from maxon motor (Fall River, MA) feature high power density and low vibration. They feature maxon System ironless winding that offers low electro-magnetic interference and no...

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Rotary Actuators

Fabco-Air (Gainesville, FL) has introduced the FRB Series vane style rotary actuators for tight spaces. The ultra-compact, Pancake® design is available in four different models: 10, 15, 20, and 30 mm. Standard rotation...

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Bellows Seal

Senior Operations LLC Metal Bellows (Sharon, MA) offers the DELTA P high-pressure bellows seal for use in injection valve applications. It is capable of withstanding high external system pressures, while maintaining low differential pressure across the edge-welded bellows. This feature enables the bellows to be designed with thinner...

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Machine Programming Software

CNC Software (Tolland, CT) offers Mastercam Swiss Expert solids-based machine programming software that supports 5-axis Swiss turning machines. The software enables quick toolpath creation from solid faces,...

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Motor Control Chips

Mouser Electronics (Mansfield, TX) offers the Freescale Kinetis KV1x family of microcontrollers for 3-phase sensorless BLDC and PMSM motor control applications. Built upon the ARM® Cortex®-M0+ core running at 75 MHz...

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Bodine Electric (Northfield, IL) offers 34B-WX brushless DC (EC) gearmotors that are ETL listed and comply with National Electrical Code Class I, Division 2 safety standards. They are designed to reduce the risk of accidental...

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Heidenhain Corp. (Schaumburg, IL) offers the Leine & Linde High Current TTL (HC-TTL) encoders that drive long cables and meet voltage requirements for the transmitted signal. The length of cable an encoder is capable of driving...

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Linear Motor Stages

Prior Scientific (Rockland, MA) offers HLD117 linear motor stages for microscope automation. They feature repeatability of 0.15 μm, scanning speeds of up to 300 mm per second, and low-velocity ripple even at speeds down...

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Motor Drive Controllers

ElectroCraft (Dover, NH) has released the PRO Series Integrated Motor Drive Controllers that includes brushless motor drives, stepper motor variants, and linear actuators, all incorporating a fully integrated drive...

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Stepper Motors

Portescap (West Chester, PA) has introduced the P760 series thin disc magnet motor that provides high torque and acceleration up to 5,000 rpm. The motor combines the disc magnet technology with an optimization of the number of...

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Motor Controller

Mitsubishi Electric Automation (Vernon Hills, IL) has released the MMP-T32 motor controller that integrates low-voltage circuit breakers and thermal overload relays. The motor controller protects the motor branch circuits...

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Servo Terminal

The EL7201-0010 Servo Terminal I/O from Beckhoff Automation (Savage, MN) supports One Cable Technology (OCT), combining power and feedback signals into one cable. The terminals from the Beckhoff EtherCAT I/O system integrate a...

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Shaft Coupling

Miki Pulley US (Plymouth, MN) offers the Step-Flex™ shaft coupling that eliminates resonance in stepper motor ball screw assemblies. The two-part elastomer element combination dampens vibration caused by the actuator carrier...

Products: Robotics, Automation & Control
Slotted Motors

Koford Engineering LLC (Winchester, OH) has introduced a line of 5.07" (129 mm)-diameter slotted motors for applications requiring high torque and power in a short axial length. The motors are 3.149" (80 mm) long, with a peak...

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