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New Guidelines for Component Placement in The Age of Automation

Every board designed is unique, has different requirements, and requires different trade-offs on the design. But, there are new guidelines for component placement in today’s age of automation that will go a long way toward creating a professional board that can be quickly and...

White Papers : Robotics, Automation & Control
Design With Robots in Mind: What It Means for Engineers

Recent advances in robotic design and intelligence have enabled robots to perform more efficiently than ever. As a result, they’ve moved beyond manufacturing and assembly — where robotic process efficiencies continue to improve — and into service for a variety of applications,...

White Papers : Robotics, Automation & Control
Cartesian Handling Systems - a Technical Comparison With Conventional Robots

The trend in conventional assembly and handling solutions is moving from robots to energy-efficient and cost-optimized systems. Conventional robot solutions are too large-scale for many applications and frequently offer more functions and degrees of freedom than are...

White Papers : Motion Control
Virtual Commissioning with a Model-Driven Digital Twin

The manufacturing and automation industry is highly-evolving and competitive. As demands on product requirements increase, the inherent design risks can pose significant problems, threatening the success and reputation of those trying to keep pace. The technique of virtual commissioning (VC)...

White Papers : Robotics, Automation & Control
Accelerating Linear Motion System Design

Building an entire system from scratch isn’t typically a cost-effective solution. Learn more about how pre-designed and industry proven products can help you to reduce design and fabrication time while staying within a tight financial budget.

White Papers : Mechanical & Fluid Systems
Linear Guides For The Next Generation Of Medical Machines

Not too long ago, the motion systems used in medical and lab automation equipment had technical requirements that were easy to satisfy. However, medical motion systems have had to become more sophisticated in other respects to keep pace with unfolding trends and developments in the...

White Papers : Robotics, Automation & Control
Cable Basics: Understanding Dynamic Load-bearing Capacity

Choosing the best cable for an industrial application is one of the most critical design decisions of any complex automated system. That said, cable selection is often an afterthought and not given the time or respect it deserves. As the lifeblood of the system, cables and wires are vital...

White Papers : Robotics, Automation & Control
The First Family of Rack & Pinion Dedicated Reducers

Redex-Andantex is the only manufacturer in the world able to make a family of high precision planetary reducers specifically designed for use with racks on linear axes and ring gears on rotary axes for machine tools and automation equipment. Our planetary reducers offer extremely high...

White Papers : Motion Control
Load Simulation for Test Benches

Test bench designers can count on Andantex to provide a comprehensive, low cost, viable solution backed by decades of industry expertise. With reproducible and accurate torque fast response time, easy remote control and with low power consumption, magnetic particle brakes offer an up-to-date and cost effective...

White Papers : Medical
Selecting the Optimal Washer Solution for Assembly Applications

Efficient, accurate assembly and fastening processes are critical in manufacturing applications, as they ensure the right parts or components are utilized to build, sort or package products in a variety of applications, including the automotive, medical, aerospace and appliance...

White Papers : Robotics, Automation & Control
Short Review of Basic, General-purpose Adjustment Mechanisms for Alignment and Leveling

A web search for words “leveling” and/or “alignment” usually brings the searcher to materials discussing methods of verification of alignment or leveling with various types of tools starting with simple, but very precise mechanical indicators, and...

White Papers : Robotics, Automation & Control
When to 3D Print In House and When to Outsource

Rapid prototyping with 3D printing helps teams communicate with stakeholders and ultimately results in better end products. Download the white paper now if you want more information on:

White Papers : Automotive
Off-Highway Vehicles: Taking Torque Measurement from the Lab to the Production Floor and Out into the Field

As the demand for higher performance from off-highway vehicles grows, the industry will see breakthroughs in the advancement of telemetry torque technology. By allowing for the economical transmission of highly accurate and reliable...

White Papers : Manufacturing & Prototyping
3D Printing Buyers Guide

3D printing has become a powerful force in today’s manufacturing industry from prototyping to end-use production. Many businesses struggle to find the right additive manufacturing solutions that suit their needs and provide return on investment (ROI). Selecting the right platform to prevent manufacturing roadblocks is...

White Papers : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Optimizing Next-gen Machine Vision Platform To Enhance Automated Inspection

With machine vision’s development and growth in the Industry 4.0 environment, the higher computing performance becomes essential to acquire high resolution images at high speeds, and expanding FOV (field of view). The associated hardware must therefore significantly...

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