News : Aerospace
'Invisible Glass’ Takes First Prize in ‘Create the Future’ Contest

Creators of an "Invisible Glass" were awarded top honors in this year’s "Create the Future" Design Contest. The grand-prize-winning fabrication method imparts...

News : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Preventing Premature Part Failures with Electropolishing

Design engineers in the aerospace industry are constantly challenged to improve fit and function of components used in commercial and military aircraft. Parts used in these aircraft...

News : Manufacturing & Prototyping
3 Key Benefits: Better Corrosion Resistance, Fatigue Life, Part Integrity

Electropolishing has become a common metal finishing process used in the aerospace industry to help improve the overall quality of metal components. These components...

News : Materials
Advantages of Electropolishing for Penetrant Testing

It’s common, especially in the aerospace industry, for parts that are fracture critical to be Liquid Penetrant Inspected (LPI) prior to installation. Also known as Dye Penetrant...

News : Energy
NASA Turns to Students for ‘Big Ideas’ on Mars Exploration

A human expedition to Mars will require a significant amount of power upon arrival. Running habitats and life-support systems on the surface of the planet, in fact, calls for up...

News : Imaging
The Top Tech Briefs Stories of 2017

With another year of Tech Briefs almost in the books, it's time to look at our most-read news articles of 2017.

Top stories included a look back at the life of Robert Goddard, and a look forward to...

Blog : Sensors/Data Acquisition
A Giant Leap: Reconstructing NASA’s Moon-Mission Audio

You’ve heard, “One small step for man. One giant leap for mankind,” but how about a lesser-known quotation from the Apollo lunar mission like:

“Ok, we still got radar...

News : Communications
Lost in Space: Smart Spacesuits Feature 'Home' Button

During a routine spacewalk, astronauts can easily lose their sense of orientation and direction. Creators of a new kind of spacesuit aim to address the challenge — with the push of a...

News : Propulsion
How Model Rockets Launch Tomorrow’s Engineers

In speaking with aerospace engineers about the roots of their love for launch, many mentioned an early inspirational “toy”: the model rocket.

Estes Industries, established in 1958 by...

News : Software
Expert INSIDER: How Mehdi Khorrami Uses Simulation to Address Aircraft Noise

A plane creates a lot of noise as it lands. NASA scientist Mehdi Khorrami studies which components are causing all that racket.

In November, Khorrami led a...

News : Aerospace
NASA Supercomputer Simulations Reveal 'Noisy' Aerodynamics

Whether you're a tired passenger on a cross-country flight or an engineer designing a next-generation aircraft, you likely have an appreciation for noise reduction.

Blog : Sensors/Data Acquisition
Trick or Treat: Spooky Space Sounds from NASA, and 7 Techs that Creep and Crawl

Getting into the Halloween spirit, NASA released a collection of the spookiest sounds ever recorded by the agency's spacecraft instruments. Captured radio emissions reveal whistling helium, howling planets, and other mysterious noises from the depths of space.

News : Propulsion
A Q&A with Orbital ATK: Exploring the Roots of Rocketry

At Orbital ATK, Mark Ogren works on the preliminary design of the company’s propulsion technologies, including targets, interceptors, or space launch vehicles. Ogren spoke with Tech...

News : Aerospace
When Stars Collide: LIGO Detects Gravitational Waves from ‘Kilonova’ Light Show

In the galaxy NGC 4993, located approximately 130 million light-years from Earth, two neutron stars collided. And, for the first time, scientists detected...

News : Aerospace
Drone Control: How the Human Brain Can Guide Robotic Swarms

Who needs a keyboard, a mouse, or a joystick? A researcher from Arizona State University wants to command machines with the human brain.