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Q&A: How Robert Holmes Finds Near-Earth Asteroids from His Home-Built Observatories

NASA and other international agencies work together to detect asteroids, but much of the effort relies upon individual astronomers.

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'Invisible Glass’ Takes First Prize in ‘Create the Future’ Contest

Creators of an "Invisible Glass" were awarded top honors in this year’s "Create the Future" Design Contest. The grand-prize-winning fabrication method imparts...

Blog : Test & Measurement
A Closer Look at Bats, Hummingbirds Offers New Ideas for Flying Robots

Hummingbirds and nectar bats are the only two vertebrates with the ability to hover in place.

Blog : Robotics, Automation & Control
Meet Lindley Johnson, Planetary Defense Officer (and Asteroid Hunter)

Meet Lindley Johnson, who might have one of the coolest looking business cards out there.

Blog : Energy
A 'Solid' Idea for Powering Spacecraft: Thermoacoustics

Applying heat to a liquid or gas will cause the spontaneous generation of sound waves – a thermoacoustic power that has long supported machines like engines and refrigerators.

Blog : Electronics & Computers
Answering Your Questions: Is This the End of VME?

Developed in 1981, VME has served as a reliable, extensible platform for deployable embedded computing applications. The electro-mechanical standard typically includes components like...

Blog : Aerospace
Aboard SpaceX Cargo Capsule, New Ideas for Getting Rid of Space Junk

Think of it like spring cleaning, but in space.

Blog : Aerospace
HAMMER Time: A New Spacecraft Idea Aims to Ram an Asteroid Off-Course

Based on NASA’s observation data, an asteroid called “Bennu” has a 1 in 2,700-chance of striking Earth on Sept. 25, 2135. So, for now, don’t plan anything on that...

Blog : Mechanical & Fluid Systems
A Role for Boston Dynamics’ Back-Flipping Robots: Is Space the Place?
NASA robotics engineers react to Boston Dynamics' back-flipping robots.
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The ‘Create the Future’ Design Contest is Open for Entries
Have a product design idea? The "Create the Future" Design Contest is now open for submissions until July 2, 2018.
Blog : Software
Sharks on a Plane? Skin Scales Lift Aircraft Design

To improve a flying vehicle, sometimes you have to turn to a reliable model that has been operating for hundreds of millions of years.

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Introducing the New

Long-time readers of the site may have noticed this week that has a whole new look — a more visual, more scrollable design.

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The Top Tech Briefs Stories of 2017

With another year of Tech Briefs almost in the books, it's time to look at our most-read news articles of 2017.

Top stories included a look back at the life of Robert Goddard, and a look forward to...

News : Sensors/Data Acquisition
A Giant Leap: Reconstructing NASA’s Moon-Mission Audio

You’ve heard, “One small step for man. One giant leap for mankind,” but how about a lesser-known quotation from the Apollo lunar mission like:

“Ok, we still got radar...

Blog : Aerospace
NASA Supercomputer Simulations Reveal 'Noisy' Aerodynamics

Whether you're a tired passenger on a cross-country flight or an engineer designing a next-generation aircraft, you likely have an appreciation for noise reduction.