Application Briefs: Sensors/Data Acquisition
Sensor Assists NASA with Wearable CO2 Monitor

SST Sensing Ltd.Coatbridge,

Studies show that heightened carbon dioxide...

Briefs: Aerospace
Portable Runway Intersection Display and Monitoring System

Developed at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, the subject technology is a portable airport runway/taxiway intersection lighting system and signage designed to prevent incursions....

Briefs: Aerospace
Networked In-Flight Validation Environment for Air Traffic Management Concepts

Modernization of the National Airspace System (NAS) will involve future air traffic...

Briefs: Aerospace
Three-Dimensional Radiation Ray-Tracing for Hypersonic Entry Vehicles

Shock layer radiation is a form of aerodynamic heating that becomes significant at some entry velocities, depending on the vehicle trajectory and the planet’s atmosphere....

Briefs: Aerospace
Flap Edge Noise Reduction Fins

NASA’s Langley Research Center has developed aircraft flap tip modifications that reduce noise produced during approach and landing. The...

Briefs: Aerospace
Separation Assurance Framework for ACES Simulation

National Airspace (NAS)-wide simulations provide modeling to emulate tens of thousands of flights for full days of traffic in the U.S. They allow system-level research to be conducted for the...

Articles: Energy
Innovators Recognized for "Creating the Future"

The Create the Future Design Contest has helped stimulate and reward engineering innovation over the past 16 years, drawing...

Briefs: Aerospace
Autonomous Slat-Cove Filler Device

NASA’s Langley Research Center has developed a deployable and stowable mechanical design for filling the cavity behind the leading-edge...

Articles: Imaging
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

The Department of Energy’s (DOE) Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) in Richland, WA, has been operated by Battelle and its...

Briefs: Aerospace
Orion Guidance, Navigation, and Control Flight Software

The Orion Spacecraft is NASA’s vehicle for manned exploration outside of low Earth orbit. At the center of the Guidance, Navigation & Control (GN&C) subsystem is the GN&C Flight...

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