News : Photonics/Optics
Gas Flow Measurement Technology Packs Hundreds of Sensors Into One Optical Fiber

By fusing together the concepts of active fiber sensors and high-temperature fiber sensors, a team of researchers at the University of Pittsburgh has created an all-optical high-temperature sensor for gas flow measurements that operates at record-setting...

News : Test & Measurement
NASA’s High-Flying Laser Altimeter Measures Summer Sea Ice

When NASA launches the Ice, Cloud and land Elevation Satellite-2, or ICESat-2, in 2017, it will measure Earth’s elevation by sending out pulses of green laser light and timing how long it takes individual photons to bounce off Earth’s surface and return. The number and patterns of...

News : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Engineers Use Resin Inks, 3D Printing to Build Lightweight Cellular Composites

Like other manufactured products that use sandwich panel construction to achieve a combination of light weight and strength, turbine blades contain carefully arrayed strips of balsa wood from Ecuador, which provides 95 percent of the world’s supply.

As turbine...

News : Lighting
New Drones Ensure Ideal Photographic Lighting Positions

Researchers at MIT and Cornell University will provide photographers with squadrons of small, light-equipped autonomous robots that automatically assume the right positions for photographic lighting.

With the new system, the photographer indicates the direction from which the rim light...

Articles : Aerospace
Standards Help Protect Technology and Life in Orbit or on Earth

A recent conversation with engineers at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston revealed that there’s often “a world of difference” between the standards for circuit protection components for a typical Earthbound electronics engineering application, and those intended for use...

News : Test & Measurement
NASA Decelerators Slow Payloads Traveling at Supersonic Speed

What will it take to land heavier spacecraft on Mars? How will engineers slow large payloads traveling at supersonic speeds in a thin Martian atmosphere? The Low Density Supersonic Decelerator (LDSD) mission will seek to answer these questions.

News : Aerospace
NASA Tests New Rocket Booster Connection to its Limits

A critical connection between NASA's new rocket and its twin solid rocket boosters that will help it get to space proved it could withstand millions of pounds of launch stress during a series of ground tests.

News : Test & Measurement
Mobile Robots Help Technicians Manufacture Airplanes

A new mobile assistant is being developed to support technicians in the airplane manufacturing industry when applying sealant, measuring, and testing — without putting them at risk. In the EU project known as VALERI (Validation of Advanced, Collaborative Robotics for Industrial...

News : Aerospace
Aircraft Wings Change Shape in Flight

The EU project SARISTU (Smart Intelligent Aircraft Structures) aims to reduce kerosene consumption by six percent, and integrating flexible landing devices into aircraft wings is one step towards that target.

A new mechanism alters the landing flap’s shape to dynamically accommodate the airflow....

News : Aerospace
Unmanned Aircraft to Support Scientific Research in Mexico

Specialists from the Institute of Technology and Higher Studies (ITESO) are conducting a program for the design and manufacture of Mexican unmanned aircraft, rockets, and weather balloons. The goal is that they serve as support in scientific research as well as meteorology, and can also...

News : Aerospace
New Technologies Improve Aviation Safety and Efficiency

Researchers with Singapore's A*STAR Aerospace Programme are working on over 50 multidisciplinary projects to pioneer manufacturing techniques, safety inspection devices, and analytical methods to improve flight management.

News : Aerospace
NASA Tests Alternative Jet Engine Fuels

For the second time in as many years, NASA researchers are using a DC-8 and other aircraft to study the effects on emissions and contrail formation of burning alternative fuels in jet engines. The Alternative Fuel Effects on Contrails and Cruise Emissions (ACCESS II) project involves flying NASA's DC-8 as...

News : Aerospace
Solar Wind Ion Analyzer to Investigate Mars Atmosphere Loss

This past November, NASA launched the Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (MAVEN) mission in the hope of understanding how and why the planet has been losing its atmosphere over billions of years.

News : Aerospace
Unmanned Aircraft Tested as Tool for Measuring Polar Ice Sheets

Scientists studying the behavior of the world's ice sheets — and the future implications of ice sheet behavior for global sealevel rise — may soon have a new airborne tool that will allow radar measurements that previously would have been prohibitively expensive or difficult to...

News : Sensors/Data Acquisition
3D-Printing Aerial Robot Mimics Tiny Bird

Scientists from Imperial College London have developed a 3D-printing Micro Aerial Vehicle (MAV) that mimics the way that swiftlets build their nests.

The MAV is a quad-copter, with four blades that enable it to fly and hover. The vehicle, made from off-the-shelf components, carries in its underbelly...

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