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Simulations Predict Impact of 1,000-MPH Supersonic Car

In 2015, the Bloodhound SSC (Supersonic Car) will make high-speed test runs of up to 800 mph, with the full 1,000-mph attempt scheduled for 2016. Simulations have looked at how the car will...

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SAE 2014 World Congress Preview

The SAE 2014 World Congress, which takes place April 8-10 at Cobo Hall in Detroit, assembles the best talent in the automotive industry — experts, management teams, engineers, and executives — to collaborate...

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Steering Toward the Future

The global automotive industry faces incredible pressures today. The skyrocketing costs of traditional fuels — along with worldwide supply uncertainties — are forcing automakers to not only increase the efficiency...

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2013 Create the Future Design: Transportation & Automotive Category Winner

Swift Tram: High Speed Automated People Mover

Carl Lawrence, Becky English,
Graham Hill, John Murino,
Elaine Thorndike, Gaby Aweida,

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SAE World Congress Preview “Achieving Efficiency”

The 2013 SAE World Congress and Exhibition, taking place April 16-18 at Cobo Center in Detroit, represents an unparalleled opportunity to explore new technology through both technical sessions...

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Do-It-Yourself Additives Recharge Auto Air Conditioning

Having your car’s air conditioner lose its cool on a hot day can make for an uncomfortable ride. A breakdown in thermal control in space is far more than a matter of comfort; on the Moon,...

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The Engineering of IndyCar Racing

IndyCar racing features some of the most technologically sophisticated automobiles in the world today. Weighing just 1,565 pounds and powered by single- or twin-turbocharged 2.2L V6 engines that produce anywhere...

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Automotive Engineering: The Future is Today

Recycled Plastic Bottles for Seat Fabric

The Ford Focus Electric is the industry’s first car to feature 100 percent sustainable clean technologies in interior materials, including...

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Global Car Platforms: Automotive Design With the World in Mind

Hours before most commuters start their engines and head to work, James Hughes is already calling the other side of the world from his office in Dearborn, MI. Because of a six-hour...

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Advancing Automotive Design With Innovative Collaboration

The automotive industry has faced hardships in recent times, but it can and will survive by renewing itself through innovation. After enduring a $14.6 billion loss in 2008, Ford reported a...

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