Artificial 'Skin' Gives Robotic Hand A Sense Of Touch

A team of researchers from the University of Houston has reported a breakthrough in stretchable electronics that can serve as an artificial skin, allowing a robotic hand to sense the difference between hot and cold, while also offering advantages for a wide range of biomedical devices.

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Researchers Report New Way To Make Dissolving Electronics

Researchers from the University of Houston and China have reported a new type of electronic device that can be triggered to dissolve through exposure to water molecules in the atmosphere.

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The Latest Satellite Technology and Test Essentials Poster

"Get it right the first time" takes on a larger meaning with satellites going into Earth´s orbit or traveling deep into space. From guidance systems to satellite payloads to microwave communications, the right design and validation tools provide greater assurance that your satellite and its subsystems will work the first time.

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High Performance Real Time Computing For Tactical Military Systems

Tactical military systems require a huge amount of computing capability to track and defeat a variety of threats which threaten forward deployed troops. Intel has been supplying high performance processing platforms like the Intel® Xeon® Scalable platform for many years. The Navy and other military branches have begun to standardize on systems based on the latest Intel Xeon processors designed into systems from Artesyn Embedded Technologies running Concurrent Real-Time’s Redhawk Real-Time Operating System for a number of major tactical systems.

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Hybrid and Electric Vehicle - Is Your Design Robust and Optimized to Win the Race?

To win the Hybrid and Electric Vehicle race, automotive companies need to deliver systems that are robust and optimized. Getting to the right results, developers need to leverage the power of virtual prototypes. Virtual prototypes allow you to address system challenges such as load balancing, efficiency studies for battery management, control challenges such as validating control, optimizing motor efficiency and extending speed range, and inverter/gate drive challenges such as optimizing switching losses or reducing voltage/current spikes.

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New Products: December 2017 Motion Design

Corrosion-Resistant Valve

GF Piping Systems (Irvine, CA) introduced a corrosion-resistant pneumatic diaphragm valve for highly corrosive dosing and open/close applications. The Type 604/605 pneumatically actuated dosing valve is designed and tested to surpass two million lifecycles. The 1/2” (d20) size 604/605 valve is available in PVC, CPVC, PROGEF Standard PP, and SYGEF; in standard PVDF body materials with a wide variety of end connections; and custom assemblies. The valve is pressure-rated at 90 psi unidirectional with operating temperatures ranging from -4 to 284 °F, depending on body material. A threaded bonnet design eliminates both the need for metallic body bolts and re-torqueing after hot line shutdowns. Oversized pneumatic ports decrease cycle time to maintain accurate dosing with minimal overrun.

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Vote for Tech Briefs 23rd Annual Readers' Choice Awards

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Innovators Recognized for "Creating the Future"

The Create the Future Design Contest has helped stimulate and reward engineering innovation over the past 16 years, drawing more than 14,000 product designs from engineers, students, and entrepreneurs worldwide. Top prizes in the 2017 contest — including the Grand Prize and winning designs in seven categories — were awarded on November 10 in New York City.

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Products of Tomorrow: December 2017

This column presents technologies that have applications in commercial areas, possibly creating the products of tomorrow. To learn more about each technology, see the contact information provided for that innovation.

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Using Vacuum Impregnation to Fill Quality Gaps for Electronics Manufacturers

Often the most troublesome and critical problems are those that are least visible. That certainly is true of electronic components, such as connectors, coils and wire harnesses. In the manufacture of these components, tiny voids, leak paths and microscopic holes are unavoidable. These gaps, while often not readily discernable, can be disastrous when electronic products are operated in harsh environments. While they may initially be difficult to spot, the presence of these voids can be demonstrated by submerging the part in water and applying as little as 5 psi of air pressure to it. Air bubbles will pour out of the holes and gaps, making the leaks obvious.

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