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Chemochromic Hydrogen Leak Detectors

Because hydrogen is odorless and colorless and poses an explosion hazard, there is an emerging need for sensors to quickly and accurately detect low levels of leaking hydrogen in fuel cells and other advanced...

Articles: Energy
NASA Energy Concept Could Harness the Power of Ocean Waves

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) researchers who developed a new way to power robotic underwater vehicles believe a spin-off technology could help convert ocean energy into...

Articles: Energy
"Create the Future" Sustainable Technologies Category Winner

The 2008 NASA Tech Briefs "Create the Future Design Contest," presented by SolidWorks, recognized innovation in product design in six categories: Consumer Products, Machinery &...

GDM: Energy
Quantum-Well Thermophotovoltaic Cells

Thermophotovoltaic cells containing multiple quantum wells have been invented as improved means of conversion of thermal to electrical energy. These cells are expected to be especially useful for extracting...

GDM: Electronics & Computers
Utilizing Ocean Thermal Energy in a Submarine Robot

A proposed system would exploit the ocean thermal gradient for recharging the batteries in a battery-powered unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) of a type that has been deployed in large numbers to...

GDM: Energy
Alternative OTEC Scheme for a Submarine Robot

An alternative system for exploiting the ocean thermal gradient to generate power would be based on the thawing-expansion/freezing-contraction behavior of a wax, or perhaps another suitable phase-change...

GDM: Energy
Fuel-Cell Power Systems Incorporating Mg-Based H2 Generators

Two hydrogen generators based on reactions involving magnesium and steam have been proposed at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory as means for generating fuel (hydrogen gas) for motor...

GDM: Energy
Electromagnetically Clean Solar Arrays

The term “electromagnetically clean solar array” (EMCSA) refers to a panel that contains a planar array of solar photovoltaic cells. The cells are laminated with shielding, narrow-current-loop wiring, and...

Articles: Green Design & Manufacturing
Green Energy for the Battlefield

The amount of energy the United States consumes increases every year and this growth in energy consumption outpaces energy production. To fill this gap, the U.S. imports 35% of its energy. More importantly, the...

Articles: Energy
Printed Flexible Solar Cells Provide Embedded Renewable Power

In the effort to produce inexpensive, easily manufactured sources of sustainable, renewable power, solar cells continue to be a major focus — particularly flexible solar cells that...

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