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Innovative Components Simplify Positioning for OEMs

To remove error caused by vibration, compliance and shock load, and to get information of the exact position of the output shaft of the gearhead, MICROMO developed two gearhead encoders. The gearhead encoders offer OEMs the opportunity to choose a solution that will enable them to deliver the...

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Chemical Compatibility With Hospital Disinfectants and Oncology Drugs

In a hospital environment, the need to mitigate risks and enhance patient safety and comfort has significantly increased the demand for high-performing plastics with improved chemical resistance. This white paper presents results from screening studies measuring clear...

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Building Better Bonds

Until recently, there was little up-to-date research about adhesives that could be used with Eastman Tritan™ copolyester. By collaborating with Henkel Corporation, whose LOCTITE® adhesive continues to be tested at the industry’s most comprehensive ISO 10993 biocompatibility standards, Eastman was able to determine...

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Benefits of Silicone Elastomers for Healthcare Applications

When the human body requires support or artificial replacements in order to function properly or to boost the healing process, it is essential that the materials employed meet the highest quality requirements. Pure silicones support meeting these demands, and their extraordinary...

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Cartesian Handling Systems - a Technical Comparison With Conventional Robots

The trend in conventional assembly and handling solutions is moving from robots to energy-efficient and cost-optimized systems. Conventional robot solutions are too large-scale for many applications and frequently offer more functions and degrees of freedom than are...

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Considerations For Connector Design in Mobile And Patient-worn Medical Devices

As medical devices get smaller and more mobile, design engineers are taking on new interconnect challenges. Medtech designers face some of the most stringent requirements in the world, including sometimes years of FDA testing and retesting. Ensuring that connections...

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Building a Smarter Hospital: Why Hospitals are Rapidly Adopting RFID-enabled Medical Cabinets

Pressures on the global healthcare system are more profound than ever. Mandates are enforcing stricter budgets even though demand is increasing, driving healthcare facilities to seek out any source of potential improvement that will reduce costs, save...

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Stopcocks for Infusion Therapy: Evidence and Experience

Stopcocks have been used for decades to deliver infusion therapy in all health care settings. This integrative literature review and clinician practice survey analyzes the published evidence and reports of actual practices with stopcocks. Because of the extreme importance of infection...

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Linear Guides For The Next Generation Of Medical Machines

Not too long ago, the motion systems used in medical and lab automation equipment had technical requirements that were easy to satisfy. However, medical motion systems have had to become more sophisticated in other respects to keep pace with unfolding trends and developments in the...

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Establishing Bioburden Alert & Action Levels

Most national and international standards regarding bioburden, sterilization, or environmental testing refer to establishing alert and action levels to assist in demonstrating continued control over a process or product. The standards sometime include guidance on evaluating the data but seldom go any...

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Etched PTFE Medical Liners: Why Some Are Better Than Others

MedLite™ high precision etched PTFE Liners are now available through Parker. Extruded in a controlled production process, MedLite etched PTFE liners are extruded, etched, cut, and packaged within a dedicated Class 10,000 / ISO 7 clean room. The controlled environment of the...

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Designing User-Friendly, Portable, Force-Sensitive Medical Devices

Medical device design engineers face a noble yet challenging task: to design minimally-invasive treatment technologies that help patients live a normal life.

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Selecting the Optimal Washer Solution for Assembly Applications

Efficient, accurate assembly and fastening processes are critical in manufacturing applications, as they ensure the right parts or components are utilized to build, sort or package products in a variety of applications, including the automotive, medical, aerospace and appliance...

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Antimicrobial Polyurethane Foams Provide Advanced, Effective Wound Care

Caring for wounds effectively is a top concern for hospitals, particularly in today’s climate of chronic diseases and the rising geriatric population. Wound dressings that prevent infection and are durable as well as comfortable for the patient are on the top of...

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Medical Devices Manufacturers Software Selection Guide

Technological advances like the Internet of Things, remote services, and skyrocketing medical device recalls. What do they have in common? They are all trends shaping the medical device manufacturing industry.

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