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PTC Heater Brings Greater Control for Hand-held Medical Devices and Disposables

Point of Care diagnostics devices, whether handheld or single-use, often require a brief application of tightly controlled heat. The disposable nature of these devices...

Briefs: Medical
Bayesian Sleep Fusion

To ensure mission success, astronauts must maintain a high level of performance, even when work-rest schedules result in chronic sleep restriction and circadian misalignment, both of which can contribute to fatigue and...

Briefs: Medical
Technique for Reversible Permeabilization of Live Cells for Intracellular Delivery of Quantum Dots

Nanomaterials are comparable in size to various biomolecules (1 to 100 nm), and have unique properties such as enhanced electrical conductivity,...

Briefs: Medical
Introduction of Structural Affinity Handles as a Tool in Selective Nucleic Separations

This invention relates to the general field of bio-chemical separations. Current methods for separating nucleic acids either lack sufficient selectivity or...

Briefs: Medical
Functionalized Patterning of Tissue Engineering Substrates

Tissue engineering (TE) is an emerging field for tissue repair and regeneration compared to conventional techniques including autograft and allograft, through engineering functional...

Briefs: Medical
Hearing Test System Suitable for Self-Administered Hearing Assessment

Astronauts have developed hearing loss in space, so the goal of this project was to provide a robust, self-administered, accurate noise-tolerance hearing test system for...

Briefs: Medical
Assessment of Microbial Bioburden Within Aerogel Matrices

A makeshift apparatus has been designed composed of a sealed, hydrophobic 2-propanol/SiO2 aerogel component to filter outside air particles. Following verification and...

Briefs: Medical
Using Electromagnetic Time-Variance Magnetic Fields to Generate and Re-Grow Cartilage

Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas

Adevice provides electromagnetic pulses at a predetermined frequency that will result in cartilage cell...

Briefs: Medical
Polymerase Chain Reaction Preparation Kit and Self-Enclosed, Pipette-Free DNA/RNA Isolation Device

Other applications include situations involving the military and in cases where one has to perform PCR analysis in the...

Briefs: Medical
Hydrostatic Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Chamber

This system allows treatment of patients in remote locations.

Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas

A hyperbaric chamber has been designed to achieve the...

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