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Briefs: Medical
"Breathprint" Analysis of Microbial Communities

A technique for assessing changes in the densities and compositions of communities of microorganisms in environmental samples is based partly on redox chemistry. Suspensions of microbes from...

Briefs: Medical
Macroextraction for Purification of Nucleic Acids

A technique for extracting samples of ribonucleic acid (RNA) and deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) for use in diagnosing and studying infectious and genetic diseases has been developed. The technique...

Briefs: Medical
Slide-Staining System for Microgravity or Gravity

The centrifuge-operated slide stainer (COSS) is a conceptual self-contained system that could be attractive for use in a variety of histological and cytological procedures in both microgravity and...

Briefs: Medical
In Situ Activation of Microencapsulated Drugs

In a new method of delivering drugs to target sites in a human body, (1) the drugs would be stored in inactive forms in timed-release microcapsules that would be injected, then (2) the drugs would be...

Briefs: Medical
Improved Unidirectional Cell-Stretching Device

An improved stretching device has been developed for use in research on the effects of unidirectional loading on human and animal cells. The device is capable of applying or removing a load (a...

Briefs: Medical
Apparatus Measures Attachment or Detachment of Biofilm

Figure 1 schematically illustrates a laboratory apparatus that provides quantitative information on the density and on the rate of increase (or decrease) of density at which bacteria attach...

Briefs: Medical
Device for Testing Susceptibility of Bacteria to Antibiotics

A compact, lightweight, device makes it possible to assess the effects of antibiotics on bacteria. The device safely contains the antibiotic/bacteria mixtures, and its operation involves...

Briefs: Medical
Determining Glucose Levels From NIR Raman Spectra of Eyes

A developmental noninvasive method of determining the concentration of glucose in blood is based on (1) the acquisition of a near-infrared (NIR) Raman spectrum from the aqueous humor of an...

Briefs: Medical
Wearable Sensor Patches for Physiological Monitoring

Wearable sensor patches — miniature biotelemetric units — have been proposed for use in measuring temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, and possibly other physiological parameters. The...

Briefs: Medical
Improved Sensor Pills for Physiological Monitoring

Improved miniature biotelemetric units resembling large pills have been proposed for use in physiological monitoring of the gastrointestinal tract. The broad principles of design, operation, and...

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