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Wearable System Guides Visually Impaired Users

A new wearable system from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology will help blind users navigate through indoor environments.

News: Medical
Assessing brain bleeding in head injuries with new device

In a clinical trial conducted among adults in 11 hospitals, researchers have shown that a hand-held EEG device approved in 2016 by the U.S. FDA that is commercially available can quickly...

MDB: Medical
Giant shipworm could reveal clues about human medicine, bacterial infections

Northeastern professor Daniel Distel and his colleagues have discovered a dark, slithering 4-foot-long creature that dwells in the foul mud of a remote lagoon in the...

News: Medical
New handheld fiber-optic probe brings endoscopic diagnosis of cancer closer to clinic

In an important step toward endoscopic diagnosis of cancer, researchers have developed a handheld fiber-optic probe that can be used to perform multiple...

News: Medical
Cells grow more naturally in 'spaghetti'

The usual way of cultivating cells is to use a flat laboratory dish of glass. However, inside a human body, the cells do not grow on a flat surface but rather in three dimensions. This has lead researchers...

News: Medical
The Internet of Dangerous Things

“The dangerous world we live in is one where the embedded systems that we build are increasingly a battlefield, a place where anonymous hackers are able to remotely injure and potentially kill people on the other...

News: Medical
Next-generation heart valve regenerates into heart-like tissue

The human heart beats approximately 35 million times every year, effectively pumping blood into the circulation via four different heart valves. Unfortunately, in over 4 million people...

News: Medical
Laser printing with nanoparticles holds promise for medical research

Electronic devices that not only can be implanted in the human body but also completely dissolve on their own – known as bioresorbable electronics – are envisioned by many as...

News: Medical
Process invented to make sustainable rubber and plastics

Synthetic rubber and plastics used for manufacturing tires, toys, and myriad other products are produced from butadiene, a molecule traditionally made from petroleum or natural gas. But...

News: Medical
Ultraviolet light sensor for wearable devices in the IoT era

Mass production technology for silicon-based ultraviolet (UV) light sensors, suitable for smartphones and wearable devices in the Internet of Things (IoT) era, has been jointly developed...

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