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Briefs: Information Technology
Java Implementation of Information-Sharing Protocol

Johnson Space Center's (JSC's) growing operations community requires new ways to distribute and process mission information. The Mission Control Center uses flight-control application programs...

Briefs: Information Technology
Electronic Bulletin Board Publishes Schedules in Real Time

Real Time Schedule Publisher (RTSP) is a computer program that generates a report of the current schedules of as many as about 25 users within an organization. The report is refreshed...

Briefs: Information Technology
Digital Library of NACA Reports

The NACA Technical Report Server (NACATRS) is both a node in the NASA Technical Report Server and a stand-alone World Wide Web (WWW) site. The NACATRS is dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of...

Briefs: Information Technology
Finding Known Shapes in an Image by Pruning Parameter Space

An improved method of processing two- and three-dimensional image data to locate known shapes called "geometric primitives" involves (1) extraction of edges and other relevant image...

Briefs: Information Technology
Program for Displaying Large, Coregistered Images

DataSlate is an easy-to-use Java-language computer program for displaying coregistered raster images representing large sets of data. The program includes a main viewing module that can display...

Briefs: Information Technology
RS Forward Error Correction for Variable-Length Frames

A method of forward error correction by Reed-Solomon (RS) coding has been devised to increase the link margins of data-communication systems that must handle variable-length frames or packets...

Briefs: Information Technology
Fast NRZLM Encoding and Decoding Algorithm

A recently developed algorithm saves encoding and decoding time in the operation of data-communication systems that utilize the NRZM code, which is derived from the better-known non-return-to-zero-level...

Briefs: Information Technology
Linking Employee Appraisals to Organizational Goals

The Goal Performance Evaluation System (GPES) is an Internet-based automated management information system (see figure) now undergoing development at Kennedy Space Center (KSC). The GPES is...

Briefs: Information Technology
Neural-Network Approach to Analysis of Sensor Data

A method of processing of time-series data from sensors that monitor a dynamic physical system has been devised to enable detection of anomalies in the dynamics. The method involves computing what...

Briefs: Information Technology
Program for Visualization and Exploration of Scientific Data

WebWinds is an interactive computer program that aids the visualization and exploration of scientific data. WebWinds is the successor to LinkWinds, which was reported in "LinkWinds —...

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