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Briefs: Information Technology
Linking Employee Appraisals to Organizational Goals

The Goal Performance Evaluation System (GPES) is an Internet-based automated management information system (see figure) now undergoing development at Kennedy Space Center (KSC). The GPES is...

Briefs: Information Technology
Neural-Network Approach to Analysis of Sensor Data

A method of processing of time-series data from sensors that monitor a dynamic physical system has been devised to enable detection of anomalies in the dynamics. The method involves computing what...

Briefs: Information Technology
Program for Visualization and Exploration of Scientific Data

WebWinds is an interactive computer program that aids the visualization and exploration of scientific data. WebWinds is the successor to LinkWinds, which was reported in "LinkWinds —...

Briefs: Information Technology
MDICE: Software System for Multidisciplinary Computing

The Multi-Disciplinary Computing Environment (MDICE) is a software system for multidisciplinary analysis of complex engineering equipment, processes, and systems. Currently MDICE supports a...

Briefs: Information Technology
Electronic Storage and Retrieval of Engineering Documents

The KSC Electronic Documentation System (KEDS) is a computer-intranet system at Kennedy Space Center (KSC) for the storage and retrieval of engineering drawings and other engineering...

Briefs: Information Technology
Software Assists in the Development of Optimization Models

Optimization Modeling Assistant (OMA) is an expert-system computer program that assists its users in the development of mathematical and algorithmic models for optimization. As used here,...

Briefs: Information Technology
Interface Program for Generation of Computational Grids

Computer Aided Grid Interface (CAGI) is a computer program that serves as an interface between computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) programs and computational fluid...

Briefs: Information Technology
Analyzing Time Series Using EMD and Hilbert Spectra

A recently developed theoretical and computational method is especially well suited for analyzing time-series data that represent nonstationary and nonlinear processes. The method stands in...

Briefs: Information Technology
Software Collects Planning and Scheduling Requirements

Interim User's Requirements Collection (IURC) is a software system that generates an interactive graphical user interface that enables users of the International Space Station (ISS) to...

Briefs: Information Technology
Software for Ground Processing of Data From Landsat 7

Three computer programs have been developed for ground processing of Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus (ETM+) data from Landsat 7. The three programs and their functions are the following:

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