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Briefs: Information Technology
Electronic Time-Card System

A computer-based automated system has been developed to replace a cumbersome and error-prone paper-based system for recording employees' work times. The automated system minimizes the consumption of paper...

Briefs: Information Technology
Software Facilitates Access to a Scientific Data Base

The Coordinated Data Analysis Workshop Web (CDAWeb) is a web-based service that facilitates access to a scientific data base of the International Solar-Terrestrial Physics (ISTP) program and...

Briefs: Information Technology
A Standard for Scientific Data Files

The term "Instrument Data File Set" (IDFS) denotes both software and an underlying concept of a prescribed format for files of scientific data and metadata. The IDFS was developed to satisfy a need, in the...

Briefs: Information Technology
Software for Display and Analysis of Scientific Data

The Southwest Data Display and Analysis System (SDDAS) is a flexible, extensible software system intended to support analysis of space physics data from multiple instruments...

Briefs: Information Technology
Software for Analyzing Forth Programs

Forth Source Code Analysis Tool Set (FSCATS) is a computer program that provides a wide range of capabilities for documenting, analyzing, and reverse-engineering computer programs written in the Forth...

Briefs: Information Technology
Rapid-Prototyping Virtual-Reality Software Tool Kit

The VrTool computer program enables its user to rapidly develop a prototype virtual-reality (VR) application program. Users of VR application programs need software that can help them...

Briefs: Information Technology
Program for Parallel Distributed Processing

A software system has been devised to manage automatically (1) the distribution of mutually independent computing tasks to computer workstations in NASA's Flight Design and Analysis System...

Briefs: Information Technology
Subpixel Map Registration and Estimation of Uncertainty

A method of determining the location and the uncertainty in the location of a mobile robot to subpixel resolution on a map grid has been devised. The method is applicable to a robot equipped...

Briefs: Information Technology
A Method for Designing Low-Pass FIR Digital Filters

A class of finite-impulse-response (FIR) digital filters has been developed to perform certain frequency-limiting, decimation, and differentiation (with respect to time) functions on a time...

Briefs: Information Technology
Preconditioning the Helmholtz Equation for a 2-D Duct

A preconditioning technique has been developed for numerical solution of the Helmholtz equation as applied to the steady-state propagation of sound in a semi-infinite, two-dimensional (2-D)...

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