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Briefs: Information Technology
EOS MLS Level 1B Data Processing, Version 2.2

A computer program performs level- 1B processing (the term “1B” is explained below) of data from observations of the limb of the Earth by the Earth Observing System (EOS) Microwave Limb...

Briefs: Information Technology
Physical Principle for Generation of Randomness

A physical principle (more precisely, a principle that incorporates mathematical models used in physics) has been conceived as the basis of a method of generating randomness in Monte...

Briefs: Information Technology
Hybrid NN/SVM Computational System for Optimizing Designs

A computational method and system based on a hybrid of an artificial neural network (NN) and a support vector machine (SVM) (see figure) has been conceived as a means of maximizing...

Briefs: Information Technology
DSN Beowulf Cluster-Based VLBI Correlator

The NASA Deep Space Network (DSN) requires a broadband VLBI (very long baseline interferometry) correlator to process data routinely taken as part of the VLBI source Catalogue Maintenance and...

Briefs: Information Technology
Processing Electromyographic Signals To Recognize Words

A recently invented speech-recognition method applies to words that are articulated by means of the tongue and throat muscles but are otherwise not voiced or, at most, are spoken sotto...

Briefs: Information Technology
Associative Memory Using Quantum-Inspired Resonance

In this innovation, the retrieval of stored items from an exponentially large, unsorted database is performed by quantum-inspired resonance using polynomial resources due to...

Briefs: Information Technology
Bounded-Angle Iterative Decoding of LDPC Codes

Bounded-angle iterative decoding is a modified version of conventional iterative decoding, conceived as a means of reducing undetected- error rates for short low-density parity-check (LDPC) codes. For...

Briefs: Information Technology
Conversion From Tree to Graph Representation of Requirements

A procedure and software to implement the procedure have been devised to enable conversion from a tree representation to a graph representation of the requirements governing the...

Briefs: Information Technology
Determining Surface Roughness in Urban Areas Using Lidar Data

An automated procedure has been developed to derive relevant factors, which can increase the ability to produce objective, repeatable methods for determining aerodynamic...

Briefs: Information Technology
Presentation Extensions of the SOAP

A set of extensions of the Satellite Orbit Analysis Program (SOAP) enables simultaneous and/or sequential presentation of information from multiple sources. SOAP is used in the aerospace community as a...

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