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LED Direct Replacement Bulb

The Verde Series LED GU24 direct replacement lamp by American Illumination (Los Angeles, CA) is one of the few GU24 direct replacement light bulbs available, and is the only one compatible with the GU24 locking ring for...

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New Family of Tiny Crystals Glow Bright in LED Lights

Minuscule crystals that glow different colors may be the missing ingredient for white LED lighting that illuminates homes and offices as effectively as natural sunlight.

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Fine-Tuning Emissions From Quantum Dots

Tiny particles of matter called quantum dots, which emit light with exceptionally pure and bright colors, have found a prominent role as biological markers. In addition, they are realizing their...

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Silicon-Based Nanoparticles Could Make LEDs Cheaper, Greener To Produce

Light-emitting diodes, are the most efficient and environmentally friendly light bulbs on the market. But they come at a higher up-front price than other bulbs,...

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Metallurgists Use Microwaves to Create Nanocrystal Semiconductors

University of Utah metallurgists used an old microwave oven to produce a nanocrystal semiconductor rapidly using cheap, abundant and less toxic metals than other...

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Pet Foods Facility Anticipates Less Than Two Year Payback with LED Lighting

The new 300,000 square foot Diamond Pet Foods facility in Ripon, Calif. went online in May 2012 with more than 500 high-efficiency, Class II Div 2 LED fixtures by...

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LED Tube Lamp Brightens Auburn SuperMall With 50% Less Energy

Aleddra LED Lighting, a business unit of Lightel Technologies, Inc., recently partnered with management at the Auburn SuperMall in Auburn, WA to improve the quality of light...

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Lighting Company Retrofits Headquarters With Edge-Lit Light Guide Technology

Global Lighting Technologies, a manufacturer of LEDbased, edge-lit light guide solutions for general illumination applications, has retrofitted its North American...

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Plymouth (U.K.) City Council Switches to Solid-State Lighting

Plessey is working closely with Plymouth City Council in the U.K. to help achieve the Council's ambitious carbon reduction strategy for all their managed buildings and...

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LEDs Go Organic: The Science behind OLED Lighting Systems

Organic is a term more often associated with vegetables than lighting systems, but some LED manufacturers are now incorporating organic molecules into their products to meet specific...

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