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Briefs: Materials
Process Turns Carbon Dioxide into 3D Graphene with Microporous Surface

The conversion of carbon dioxide to useful materials usually requires high energy input due to its ultrahigh stability. A heat-releasing reaction between carbon dioxide and...

Briefs: Materials
Electromagnetic Metamaterial with Wide Angular and Broadband Spectral Absorption

Propagation in a waveguide requires proper termination of signals to prevent reflections from interfering with the desired circuit functionality. Conventional...

Briefs: Materials
Nanoporous Material Reduces Computer Energy Consumption

In order to store information in the conventional magnetic memories of electronic devices, the material’s small...

Briefs: Materials
Fluorinated Alkyl Ether Epoxy Resin Compositions and Applications Thereof

NASA Langley Research Center has developed fluorinated alkyl ether-containing epoxies designed as...

Briefs: Materials
Bulk Preparation of Holey Graphene via Controlled Catalytic Oxidation

Researchers at NASA have developed new methods to manufacture carbon materials (e.g., nanotubes,...

Briefs: Materials
Nickel Oxide Compound for High-Temperature Superconductors

Superconducting materials are technologically important because electricity flows through them without...

Briefs: Materials
Freeze-Dried Boron Nitride Foam Soaks Up Carbon Dioxide

A light foam was created from two-dimensional sheets of hexagonal-boron nitride (h-BN) that absorbs carbon dioxide....

Briefs: Materials
Inorganic-Organic Hybrid Polymers for High-Temperature Applications

A new class of polymeric materials was developed with resistance to heat, dielectric breakdown, and oxidation at high temperatures. For applications that demand high temperature...

Briefs: Materials
Rubber Material Enables Scratch-Proof Surfaces

The slippery state caused by water or oil is called superlubricity — where there is basically no friction on a surface. In...

Briefs: Materials
Ultrathin Semiconductor Materials “Rust” to Insulate Circuitry

Silicon has several qualities that have led it to become the bedrock of electronics. One is that it...

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