Application Briefs: Propulsion
Solar Sail Will Demonstrate “Propellant-less Propulsion”

The Sunjammer Mission team — including NASA, lead contractor L’Garde, Space Services Holdings (SSHI), and Micro Aerospace Solutions — is preparing to launch Sunjammer, the largest...

Application Briefs: Propulsion
Cryogenic Turbines Aid NASA’s Morpheus Lander

Turbines, Inc., a designer and manufacturer of turbine flow metering technology, has assisted NASA with its Morpheus Lander project. Project Morpheus, a vertical testbed, demonstrates new autonomous...

Application Briefs: Propulsion
Simulated Models Test Design of Space Shuttles and Rocket Engines

Finite element modeling and analysis
Dynamic Concepts
Huntsville, AL

NASA tasked Dynamic Concepts (DCI) with...

Application Briefs: Propulsion
Electromechanical System Provides Satellite Propulsion

Cold Gas Micro Thruster (CGMT)
Marotta Controls
Montville, NJ

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