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MSET Industrial Early Warning System

MSET is applicable to any industry in which continuous operation and safety are imperative, including the power industry, manufacturing, aerospace, and pharmaceuticals.

System breakdowns in modern industrial environments can result in millions of dollars in lost time and productivity, and even the loss of life and property. In the utilities industry — where the continuous operation of coolant pumps is essential — the breakdown of a single pump can result in a loss of as much as $10 million in downtime.

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Robust Mesh Update Method for Grid Motion Problems

Over the past several decades, one class of problems in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) that has undergone substantial development involves movement of the fluid domain boundary. The problem class exists when the fluid domain boundary is either explicitly time-dependent, or is known a priori and determined as part of a flow solution in a coupled fashion. Free-surface fluid-structure interaction and forced-motion flows are typical of problems in this class. More specifically, as a boundary moves, a CFD mesh simulating the fluid dynamics can experience mesh cell distortion to the point of cell collapse, thereby rendering the CFD mesh meaningless.

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An Upwind Parabolized Navier-Stokes Solver (UPS) for Supersonic and Hypersonic Flow Simulation, Version 6.1

The simulation of high-speed flow involves unique challenges such as the treatment of strong flow gradients associated with shock waves and expansion fans, as well as the modeling, at hypersonic speeds, of air chemistry effects. However, supersonic flow also produces the effect of limited zones of influence, which allows for single-sweep flow solution processes. The parabolized Navier-Stokes (PNS) equations are a modification of the equations of fluid flow that extend this inherently supersonic property into the subsonic portion of the boundary layer in viscous flows. Solution methods for systems that are hyperbolic/parabolic in a spatial direction can be obtained using a space-marching approach that can be an order of magnitude faster than using a time-marching method on the time-dependent Navier-Stokes equations.

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Efficient Two-Dimensional Solution Methods for the Navier-Stokes Equations

ARC2D is a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) program for two-dimensional airfoil and simply connected geometries. The program uses implicit finite-difference techniques to solve two-dimensional Euler equations and Navier-Stokes equations. It is based on the Beam and Warning implicit approximate factorization algorithm in generalized coordinates, in a variety of block or diagonal forms. The methods are either time-accurate (e.g., dual-time-stepping or Runge-Kutta methods) or accelerated non-time-accurate steady-state schemes. The evolution of the solution through time is physically realistic; good solution accuracy is dependent on mesh spacing and boundary conditions.

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Using SysML to Model Layered System Interfaces

To produce accurate system architecture descriptions, it is essential to be able to describe interfaces between system elements at different levels of abstraction and from different perspectives at the same time. For example, the connection from system A to system B may be viewed at a high level as independent of the mechanisms that implement that flow (copper wire, free space RF, optical), and it may be useful to explore which of several of these mechanisms might be used. It is also frequently useful to analyze and constrain the problem (interface bindings) at several levels of detail (application protocols, network protocols, physical layer connections) separately, as well as in combination.

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Pegasus 5.2 Software for Automated Pre-Processing of Overset CFD Grids

Pegasus software is used as a pre-processor for overset-grid Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations. It provides the hole-cutting and connectivity information between structured overset grids. The main features of the software include automated hole-cutting algorithms, a projection scheme for fixing small discretization errors in overset surface, efficient interpolation search methods, hole-size optimization based on adding additional layers of fringe points, and an automatic restart capability. The code can run in parallel using the Message-Passing Interface (MPI) standard.

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Software Suite for Identifying Suspicious Individuals

It can be very useful to know about activities among individuals; for example, which individuals are associated with other individuals? When two or more individuals get together, is there an intended purpose? Who are the leaders or important individuals of a group? What is the organizational structure of the group? It can prove useful to have the capability to actually model the above types of interactions and associations. To an extent, this type of social research has been addressed by employing the disciplines of data mining and community generation.

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Optimized Route Finding for Air and Ground Vehicles

This software provides near-real-time potential, and offers collision and adverse weather avoidance.

The Automated Impacts Routing (AIR) software is advanced route finding technology for air and ground vehicles. The software provides users the ability to find optimized paths through airspace or ground space, taking into consideration multiple and dynamic adverse conditions that can determine mission success or failure.

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Automated Transfer Function Generator

When designing or analyzing electrical systems, it is important to understand the relationship between input and output. Power conversion occurs in a “black box,” and transfer functions can be used to provide a better understanding of the processes occurring in this black box. Although they provide a useful analysis tool, transfer functions are not often utilized because they require complicated, time-consuming derivation that ignores nonlinear behavior common in real-world systems.

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Python Interface to Dual-Pol Radar Algorithms (DualPol)

This object-oriented Python module facilitates precipitation retrievals (e.g., hydrometeor type, precipitation rate, precipitation mass, particle size distribution) from polarimetric radar data. It leverages existing open-source radar software packages to perform all-in-one retrievals that are then easily visualized or saved using existing software.

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