The Phantom VEO® from Vision Research (Wayne, NJ) incorporates 12-bit, 35-mm CMOS sensors (color or mono) with a choice of lens mount. At maximum resolution, the one-megapixel (1280×800) Phantom VEO 710 and 410 records at speeds up to 7,400 frames-per-second (fps) and 4,000 fps respectively, while the four-megapixel (2560×1600) VEO 640 and 340 records at speeds of 1,400 fps and 800 fps respectively.

Users can specify a Phantom VEO in either an L or S configuration. The L-body style employs a tethered software-based workflow, while the Phantom VEO S-body configuration has added features and functionality, including additional ports, CFast 2.0 media, and On-Camera Controls (OCC) for use with video monitors. All VEO cameras are built to withstand up to 100G with isolated electronics. All models also include an HDMI output, exposure index controls, and programmable I/O architecture.

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