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Latest Briefs & News

Articles: Sensors/Data Acquisition

Breakthrough Lightweight AR Eyeglasses

INSIDER: Electronics & Computers

LEGO-Like Artificial Intelligence Chip

On-Demand Webinars: Unmanned Systems
Automated Driving for Short- and Long-Haul Trucking: Are Drivers Really Yesterday’s News?

Widespread SAE Level 4 and 5 operation in commercial vehicles may be a little further in the future than originally promised, but that has neither slowed nor diminished the industry’s development and testing efforts. Trucking in particular is...

White Papers: Aerospace
Rethink Next-Generation Aircraft Engineering

Driven by the need for CO2 emission reduction, electrification is a major trend in the aviation industry. However, the power density this requires will generate thermal concerns, electrical system...

White Papers: Automotive
EV Battery Emulators Provide Realistic Conditions for Fast, Accurate Test Results

The battery is critical for all systems of an electric vehicle (EV) to function properly, but testing each component with a real battery can be impractical,...

On-Demand Webinars: Automotive
Simplify & Streamline Development of ISO 26262 Compliant Automotive SoCs

Standards such as ISO 26262 define strict requirements, processes, and methods that all stakeholders – IP vendors, sub-system developers, and semiconductor SoC and system developers – must abide by when designing safety-critical automotive products. One such...

On-Demand Webinars: Transportation
Sustainable Electrified Transportation and Mobility

Transportation is the world’s fastest growing source of energy-related carbon emissions, accounting for 17 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions in 2021. A new generation of electric transportation will lead to an era of clean transportation and reduce dependence on fossil fuels,...

Question of the Week: Electronics & Computers
Smart Molecules Act as Computer Transistors

Researchers have discovered a single-molecule switch that can act like a transistor and store binary information. The molecule is around five square nanometers in size — more than one billion of them would fit onto the cross-section of a human hair.

INSIDER: Electronics & Computers

Scientists at Berkeley Lab have discovered a physical phenomenon that is the basis for a new material that has 150% better thermal conductivity than conventional materials used in...

INSIDER: Sensors/Data Acquisition

A team from the Tulane University School of Science and Engineering has developed a new family of two-dimensional materials that researchers say has promising applications, including in...

On-Demand Webinars: Automotive
Driving Interconnection System Reliability to Meet New Drivetrain Electrification Demands

Rapidly expanding automotive megatrends, such as drivetrain electrification and autonomous driving, have led to a sharp demand for ever-lighter vehicle body weights. Evolving architectures, along with the resulting increase in body control modules,...

Tech Talks: Lighting
What Is the Color of White?

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) have received much attention over the last couple of decades as a potential replacement for traditional white light sources such as incandescent and fluorescent lamps. Their durability, long lifetimes (generally 10,000 hours or more), and energy efficiency make LEDs an attractive...

White Papers: Power
Driving the Future of E-Mobility with Power Conversion and Battery Testing

The electric vehicle (EV) technology ecosystem is gaining momentum as automakers begin investing in technologies that will move the sector forward. Consumer concern...

On-Demand Webinars: Sensors/Data Acquisition
MEMS and Sensors: The Digital Transformation of Healthcare

Digital technology is transforming healthcare, from treating patients after they get sick to a future of preventive care. This shift is being enabled by multiple exponential technologies including AI and a dramatically expanded domain of health sensors to extract personal health...

On-Demand Webinars: Power
EV Battery & Electrification Testing – From the Grid to the Road

Electric vehicles (EVs) are driving the future of the automotive industry. Success in this fast-paced, high-voltage, high-power transition to EVs requires readily available, safe, flexible, and accurate test equipment. With the demand to bring EVs to the market faster,...

White Papers: Defense
Your Quick Guide to Customizing Access Hardware

Locks, Latches and Hinges play a critical role in the life and function of your application. Whether designing an industrial cabinet, electrical cabinet or data cabinet, your choice should...

On-Demand Webinars: Transportation
Necessary Communication Protocols to Support High-Performance Compute Automotive Architectures

Whether it’s electric vehicles, autonomous driving applications, or connectivity to the cloud, more data in the vehicle means communication protocols play an increasingly critical role by transferring and distributing real-time and on-demand...

Upcoming Webinars: Aerospace
Advances in Unmanned Aircraft Technology

Unmanned aircraft – aka “drones” – are one of the fastest growing areas of modern technology, whether we’re talking about the complex hunter/killer and surveillance systems used by the military, to the sophisticated remotely piloted vehicles used for civil and agricultural applications,...

Question of the Week: Electronics & Computers
EV Managed Charging Improves Vehicle-Grid Integration

It is 5 p.m., and you arrive home from work when it is peak demand for the grid. Your electric vehicle (EV) is 50% charged — you could either plug it in and charge right away or, if it works for your plans, schedule the vehicle to charge at a better time for the grid.

White Papers: Energy
Simulating solar cells with a bidirectional DC Power Supply

Learn how using a power supply instead of a solar cell provides a controlled, repeatable output for testing solar inverters and how to use an EA-PSB 10000 series power supply to...

White Papers: Manufacturing & Prototyping
MISUMI Fills in the Gaps for Gener8

Gener8, a leading contract design and manufacturing company, was tasked with creating the first commercially available digital genome engineering platform for a customer. The project required the use of...

White Papers: Automotive
Time to Re-evaluate Automotive Event Data Recorders

What is the future architecture for event data recorders (EDRs) and automotive datalogging? This paper reviews an architecture suitable for current EDRs, next-generation EDRs that...

On-Demand Webinars: Automotive

One of the biggest obstacles facing electric vehicle development is finding a balance between high-performance components and safety. In a previous SAE Webinar, two DuPont experts...

White Papers: Test & Measurement
Steer Towards Full Vehicle Autonomy with Confidence

Achieving the next level in vehicle autonomy demands robust algorithms trained to interpret radar reflections from automotive radar sensors. Overcome the gaps between software simulation...

White Papers: Sensors/Data Acquisition
Combining Customizable High-Speed Interfaces with FPGA Coprocessing

Built for harsh environments, high performance, and sensitive budgets, the new FPGA-based XMC meets VITA 47 rugged specs and offers custom or pre-configured high-speed...

On-Demand Webinars: Automotive
From Virtual ECU to Real Vehicle: Continuous Testing of Functional Requirements

Today, most of the software functions in a car can be tested efficiently using virtual ECU models and DevOps engineering methods. However, final acceptance tests with real vehicles are still mandatory, even though they are expensive and time-consuming. The...

On-Demand Webinars: Medical
Specialized Coatings for Advanced Medical Devices

Today’s medical devices perform increasingly critical roles in healthcare, with many offering improved performance and function due to the use of conformal coatings. Functional properties most frequently sought with coatings are barrier protection, electrical insulation, and surface...

White Papers: Aerospace
Advancing Aerospace Applications with Lightweight, High-Strength & Heat-Resistant Super Alloys

Since the beginning of commercial jet travel and space exploration, Ulbrich has provided high-quality precision rolled alloys to the aerospace...

Question of the Week: Design
Lessons from How Dragonflies Right Themselves While They're Falling

A group led by Jane Wang, Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering in the Cornell University College of Engineering, has untangled the intricate physics and neural controls that enable dragonflies to right themselves while they're falling.

White Papers: Aerospace
Achieving Earlier Virtual Integration of Aircraft Systems

The aviation industry needs a major paradigm shift. Addressing the challenges related to air traffic demand requires radical new technologies and concepts. These future air...

White Papers: Aerospace
The Future-Proof Factory: Weaving the Digital Thread to Disrupt Aerospace Manufacturing

A digital transformation is underway. Emerging digital technologies promise to bolster aerospace and defense design and manufacturing systems to enable...