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Briefs : Imaging
Augmented Reality System Lets Smartphone Users Interact with Virtual Objects
This system places virtual objects within real-world backgrounds on cellphone screens and lets people interact with those objects by hand as if they were really there.
Briefs : Software
CAESAR Plug-in for MagicDraw
Users can maintain the consistency of a flight system design.
Articles : Software
Smart Manufacturing Control
Today's advanced smart CNC controls allow manufacturers to optimize the manufacturing process right on the factory floor
On-Demand Webinars : Software
Modeling Interactions in Energy-Based Medical Devices Using COMSOL Multiphysics®

If you are interested in learning how to design, simulate, and prototype energy-based medical devices, then tune into this 60-minute Webinar featuring guest speaker Daniel Smith from Emphysys.

Articles : Software
Virtually Optimizing Metasurface Topology with a Genetic Algorithm
See how software supported the design of an advanced antenna.
Briefs : Aerospace
The Planetary Tides Simulation Facility for Simulation Tidal Strain in Planetary Ice Analogs
Applications include modeling of tidal stress response of icy satellites as well as fatigue of terrestrial ice shelves.
5 Ws : Imaging
5 Ws of 3D Modeling for the Visually Impaired
A touch-based display mimics the geometry of 3D objects designed on a computer.
Articles : Software
Five Techniques for Lightweighting: Doing More With Less
Manufacturers in almost every industry are looking to design lighter parts. Here are five lightweighting strategies.
Briefs : Imaging
Robot Performs Complex Maneuvers
An upgraded mini robot can leap over obstacles with ease.
Technology Leaders : Materials
Development and Analysis of Solid-State Batteries with the COMSOL® Platform
As lithium-ion battery production doubles, more viable energy storage solutions are needed.
Products : Software
Product of the Month: December 2019 Tech Briefs
The GNV-720 and GNV-725 humidity temperature meters from Global Specialties feature three environmental sensors.
Products : Software
New on the Market: December 2019
Adhesives, flame-retardant compounds, vision measurement, and more...
Articles : Test & Measurement
Employing the Electrical Digital Twin to Mitigate Compliance Risk in Aerospace
With the rise in electrification and design complexity, aerospace original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) need to look for new methodologies to mitigate compliance risk.
Briefs : Imaging
Human Torso Simulator
The simulator could help in the development of new back braces.
INSIDER : Software
System Helps Autonomous Cars Move Safely

MIT and Toyota researchers have designed a new model to help autonomous vehicles determine when it’s safe to merge into traffic at intersections with obstructed views. The model uses its own...

On-Demand Webinars : Software
How to Effectively Estimate Parameters for Battery Modeling

Battery models are widely used to simulate the cooling, performance, and aging of batteries.

On-Demand Webinars : Software
How to Validate Vehicle Behavior and Passenger Experience in Real-Time, Without Sacrificing Accuracy

Validation of autonomous vehicles requires two kind of simulations: how the AI will behave and how the vehicle itself will behave. For the latter, high-fidelity real-time models are essential to understand vehicle dynamics holistically, in order...

On-Demand Webinars : Software
Getting Feedback in Minutes: Using a Virtual ECU to Accelerate Automotive Application Software Development

The rapid growth of vehicle software, combined with the complex interaction of hardware, software, and physical components, creates an enormous challenge for automobile manufacturers and their suppliers. To address these challenges, OEMs...

Products : Test & Measurement
New on the Market: November 2019
3D-printing platforms, simulation software, transistors, and more.
Articles : Manufacturing & Prototyping
2019 'Create the Future' Consumer Products Category Winner: Livox
Through Livox, non-verbal people can speak, learn how to read and write, and understand abstract concepts.
Products : Test & Measurement
New Products: November 2019 Photonics & Imaging Technology
LIDAR Systems, Smart Cameras, Optical Communications, and more.
Briefs : Automotive
Mathematical Technique Quickly Tunes Next-Generation Lenses

Most of us know optical lenses as curved, transparent pieces of plastic or glass, designed to focus light for microscopes, spectacles, cameras, and more. For the most part, a...

Facility Focus : Test & Measurement
Facility Focus: National Science Foundation
In recent decades, NSF-funded researchers have discovered quite a bit, including many of the fundamental particles of matter.
Blog : Software
Creating the Future: Livox Simplifies Communication for People with Disabilities
Livox uses machine learning to ease communication.


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