ICE-Lok™: Thermally Enhanced Wedgelocks for Embedded Computing

Embedded computing systems are rapidly increasing in power densities, making thermal solutions a major design concern. This video demonstrates how ACT’s Isothermal Card Edge, or ICE-Lok™ wedgelocks can improve thermal efficiency by 30% vs. other commercial off the shelf wedgelocks. This enables reduction of component temperatures of up to 10°C in some 100W card applications. ICE-Lok™ is Patent Pending. In this video example, we’ll also show you how utilizing ACT’s system-level solutions for embedded systems can offer a thermal savings of 45°C. This type of savings can allow for higher power densities or added margin to the system. ACT’s ICE-Lok™ wedgelocks have been thoroughly tested for thermal and mechanical stability with repeated insertion/removal testing. They are compatible with VITA 3U, 6U and 9U cards; and the friction lock feature ensures card deformation is avoided.

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