CAN Webinar - Presented by Dave Gallop of DEWESoft USA

At the 1984 Society of Automotive Engineers congress, Robert Bosch introduced a serial bus system aptly named Controller Area Network. Many years later, our industry is now taking full advantage of this breakthrough and the years of improvement that have ensued.

Many manufacturers of data acquisition systems have either partnered with companies or developed their own means of interfacing with CAN and similar controller protocols. DEWESoft has strived to become one of the leaders in combining CAN and analog DAQ technology and has made it easy to take advantage of the immense amounts of data provided by Vehicle Networks.

This webinar with Dave Gallop of DEWESoft USA will provide an overview of all aspects of controller networking from the chronology of development to model standards and operation. It will also show how DEWESoft products can easily retrieve this information and combine it in the time domain, synchronized with analog and digital sensor data.