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White Paper: Automotive

Superior Corrosion Resistance for Automotive Applications: How NITREX SMART ONC Leads with Advanced Protection Technology


Explore the latest groundbreaking advancements in corrosion resistance for the automotive industry and the economic and environmental impacts of corrosion. The revolutionary SMART ONC® and other Nitrex heat treatment technologies represent a significant leap forward, providing unparalleled corrosion resistance for automotive components. These technologies integrate innovative processes like controlled nitrocarburizing and controlled post-oxidizing, enhancing corrosion resistance while concurrently improving the durability and lifespan of automotive parts.

The paper showcases the effectiveness of SMART ONC® through rigorous testing scenarios, illustrating its versatility across various automotive parts, including brake rotors and engine components. Additionally, it delves into broader implications for cost savings and sustainability, positioning SMART ONC® as a crucial advancement in automotive part manufacturing, heralding a transformative step towards durability, resilience, and eco-friendly practices in the industry.

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