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Hall Effect Measurements are Essential for Characterizing High Carrier Mobility in Materials
Kennedy Space Center
Meet Our Readers: Chander Saini, Product Engineer, Filtration Systems
Meet Our Readers: Ben Hager, Custom Engineer, Library Furniture
Engineers are Helping Bill Gates Reinvent the Toilet

Who's Who

Leland D. Melvin, Associate Administrator for Education, NASA Headquarters, Washington, DC

Products of the Month

Meerkat series of infrared (IR) cameras
Proximity Detection Sensors
High Speed Photoreceiver
Compact Camera Focus Module
Fiber Optic Power Meter
Image-Based Reader
Wireless EM Propagation Software
Peer Review Tool
Frequency Analysis Software

Application Briefs

Heat Exchanger Coils Control Temperature in NASA Icing Tunnel
Laser Systems Will Enable NASA Satellite to Measure Sea Ice
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Miniature, Variable-Speed Control Moment Gyroscope
NBL Pistol Grip Tool for Under water Training of Astronauts
HEXPANDO Expanding Head for Fastener-Retention Hexagonal Wrench
Diagonal-Axes Stage for Pointing an Optical Communications Transceiver

Information Sciences

Thermal Management Tools for Propulsion System Trade Studies and Analysis
Large Eddy Simulation Study for Fluid Disintegration and Mixing
Technique for Solving Electrically Small to Large Structures for Broadband Applications
Accelerated Adaptive MGS Phase Retrieval
Introduction to Physical Intelligence
Tropospheric Correction for InSAR Using Interpolated ECMWF Data and GPS Zenith Total Delay
Technique for Calculating Solution Derivatives With Respect to Geometry Parameters in a CFD Code
Probabilistic Path Planning of Montgolfier Balloons in Strong, Uncertain Wind Fields
Acute Radiation Risk and BRYNTRN Organ Dose Projection Graphical User Interface
Flight Simulation of ARES in the Mars Environment
Planning the FUSE Mission Using the SOVA Algorithm


Separation of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes with DEP-FFF
Self-Cleaning Coatings and Materials for Decontaminating Field-Deployable Land and Water-Based Optical Systems
Li Anode Technology for Improved Performance
Low-Outgassing Photogrammetry Targets for Use in Outer Space


Remote Asynchronous Message Service Gateway
Automatic Tie Pointer for 'In-Situ' Pointing Correction
Jitter Correction
MSLICE Sequencing
EOS MLS Level 2 Data Processing Software Version 3
DspaceOgre 3D Graphics Visualization Tool

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Metallization for Yb₁₄MnSb₁₁-Based Thermoelectric Materials
Solvent/Non-Solvent Sintering To Make Microsphere Scaffolds

Physical Sciences

Method for Accurately Calibrating a Spectrometer Using Broadband Light
Atomic Oxygen Fluence Monitor
Catalytic Microtube Rocket Igniter
Stage Cylindrical Immersive Display
Vacuum Camera Cooler
Monitoring Spacecraft Telemetry Via Optical or RF Link
Robust Thermal Control of Propulsion Lines for Space Missions


Post-Fragmentation Whole Genome Amplification-Based Method
Microwave Tissue Soldering for Immediate Wound Closure
Stress-Driven Selection of Novel Phenotypes
Principles, Techniques, and Applications of Tissue Microfluidics
Robotic Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering and Organ Growth

Electronics & Computers

Improvements in Speed and Functionality of a 670-GHz Imaging Radar
Large Ka-Band Slot Array for Digital Beam-Forming Applications
Router Agent Technology for Policy-Based Network Management
Development of a 150-GHz MMIC Module Prototype for Large-Scale CMB Radiation
Coupling Between Waveguide-Fed Slot Arrays
Multiple-Beam Detection of Fast Transient Radio Sources
PCB-Based Break-Out Box
Tech Exchange