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Robotic Accuracy Improves Aerospace Manufacturing
A New Era in Automotive Design Requires a New Era in Simulation Tools
SAE World Congress Preview “Achieving Efficiency”
High-Pressure Systems Suppress Fires in Seconds

Who's Who

Dr. Andrew Watson, Senior Scientist for Vision Research, Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA

Products of the Month

Rotary Stroke Bearings
Linear Rails
Motion Program Software
Linear Actuators
Vibration Measurement
Servo Drives
Linear Actuators
Motion Module
Motor Controls
Speed Reducers
Linear Drives
Dual-Axis Inclinometers
Slotless Motors
Leveling Mounts
Positioning Controller
Incremental Encoders
Vacuum Cups
Permanent Magnet Motors
Servo Drives
Motion Tracking System
Miniature Slide Guides
Five-Axis Vise
Magnetic Gyro
Product of the Month: PEM® SpotFast®

Application Briefs

Linear Stage Brings Speed and Precision to Semiconductor Inspection
Satellite Sensors Produce Aerial Images of Hurricane Sandy
Video Wall Displays High-Resolution Images from JPL Rovers
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Lexan Linear Shaped Charge Holder With Magnets and Backing Plate
Robotic Ankle for Omnidirectional Rock Anchors
Waterless Clothes-Cleaning Machine
An Active Heater Control Concept to Meet IXO Type Mirror Module Thermal-Structural Distortion Requirement
Wind, Wave, and Tidal Energy Without Power Conditioning
Integrated Electrical Wire Insulation Repair System

Information Sciences

Advanced Dispersed Fringe Sensing Algorithm for Coarse Phasing Segmented Mirror Telescopes
Neural Network Back-Propagation Algorithm for Sensing Hypergols
Certification-Based Process Analysis
Surface Navigation Using Optimized Waypoints and Particle Swarm Optimization
Smart-Divert Powered Descent Guidance to Avoid the Backshell Landing Dispersion Ellipse
Adaptive Sampling of Spatiotemporal Phenomena With Optimization Criteria
Estimating Foreign-Object- Debris Density From Photogrammetry Data
Building a 2.5D Digital Elevation Model From 2D Imagery
On a Formal Tool for Reasoning About Flight Software Cost Analysis


Regenerable Sorbent for CO2 Removal
Li-Ion Electrolytes With Improved Safety and Tolerance to High-Voltage Systems
Composite Aerogel Multifoil Protective Shielding
Polymer-Reinforced, Non-Brittle, Lightweight Cryogenic Insulation
Sprayable Aerogel Bead Compositions With High Shear Flow Resistance and High Thermal Insulation Value
Controlled, Site-Specific Functionalization of Carbon Nanotubes With Diazonium Salts
A Nanostructured Composites Thermal Switch Controls Internal and External Short Circuit in Lithium Ion Batteries


Change-Based Satellite Monitoring Using Broad Coverage and Targetable Sensing
Eyes on the Earth 3D
Target Trailing With Safe Navigation for Maritime Autonomous Surface Vehicles
Adams-Based Rover Terramechanics and Mobility Simulator — ARTEMIS
ISTP CDF Skeleton Editor
Uplink Summary Generator (ULSGEN) Version 1.0
Robotics On-Board Trainer (ROBoT)
Software Engineering Tools for Scientific Models
Automatic Data Filter Customization Using a Genetic Algorithm
Tracker Toolkit
Towards Efficient Scientific Data Management Using Cloud Storage

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Circularly Polarized Microwave Antenna Element With Very Low Off-Axis Cross-Polarization
Flash Cracking Reactor for Waste Plastic Processing
Ultra-Low Heat- Leak, High- Temperature Superconducting Current Leads for Space Applications

Physical Sciences

Fully Integrated, Miniature, High-Frequency Flow Probe Utilizing MEMS Leadless SOI Technology
LVGEMS Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry on Satellites
Surface Inspection Tool for Optical Detection of Surface Defects
Per-Pixel, Dual-Counter Scheme for Optical Communications
Spacecraft Crew Cabin Condensation Control


Nanoscale Surface Plasmonics Sensor With Nanofluidic Control
Bulk Moisture and Salinity Sensor
Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Signals Measure Neuronal Activity in the Cortex
Using CT Scanning to Test/Inspect Medical Devices in the Design or Production Phase
Force Feedback Modulated Joint Control for Prosthetic Ankle

Electronics & Computers

Compute Element and Interface Box for the Hazard Detection System
An Automated Safeto- Mate (ASTM) Tester
Wireless Chalcogenide Nanoionic-Based Radio- Frequency Switch
DOT Transmit Module
Tech Exchange

Tech Needs

Adhesion Prevention for Sheet Goods
Smooth Dispensing of Adhesive

Tech for License

Manufacturing Process Supports Cost- Effective TPM Production
Land-Intensive Solar Tracker Generates Photovoltaic Power