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Industry Roundtable: 3D Printing
Home Air Purifiers Eradicate Harmful Pathogens
Blurring the Boundaries: IP and Machine Vision Cameras Converge
Defining the Smart Camera

Who's Who

Dr. Mary Ann Meador, Senior Research Scientist, Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, OH

Products of the Month

Product of the Month: June 2014
Line-Scan Camera
Frame Grabbers
X-Ray CCD Cameras
Camera Link Selector

Application Briefs

Lithium-Ion Batteries Critical to Mars Spacecraft
EZVI Technology Cleans Up Contaminants at Kennedy Space Center
Indoor/Outdoor Cameras Improve School District’s Security


Reseatable Pressure Relief Valve Prevents Leaks
Sounding Technology Analyzes Reservoir Beds

Tech Needs

Sterility Verification of a Flowing Liquid
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Head-Mounted Display Latency Measurement Rig
Workspace-Safe Operation of a Force- or Impedance-Controlled Robot
Cryogenic Mixing Pump with No Moving Parts
Seal Design Feature for Redundancy Verification
Dexterous Humanoid Robot
Tethered Vehicle Control and Tracking System

Information Sciences

Detecting an Extreme Minority Class in Hyperspectral Data Using Machine Learning
KSC Spaceport Weather Data Archive
Visualizing Acquisition, Processing, and Network Statistics Through Database Queries
Systems and Services for Near-Real-Time Web Access to NPP Data
“Ascent - Commemorating Shuttle” — A NASA Film and Multimedia Project DVD
High-Pressure, Reduced-Kinetics Mechanism for N-Hexadecane Oxidation
Method of Error Floor Mitigation in Low-Density Parity-Check Codes
X-Ray Flaw Size Parameter for POD Studies
Large Eddy Simulation Composition Equations for Two-Phase Fully Multicomponent Turbulent Flows
Scheduling Targeted and Mapping Observations with State, Resource, and Timing Constraints


Elevated-Temperature, Highly Emissive Coating for Energy Dissipation of Large Surfaces
Catalyst for Treatment and Control of Post-Combustion Emissions
Thermally Activated Crack Healing Mechanism for Metallic Materials
Subsurface Imaging of Nanocomposites
Self-Healing Glass Sealants for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells and Electrolyzer Cells
Micromachined Thermopile Arrays with Novel Thermo-electric Materials
Low-Cost, High-Performance MMOD Shielding


Simulating Data Flow via Multiple Secure Connections

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Solar Panel and System Design to Reduce Heating and Optimize Corridors for Lower-Risk Planetary Aerobraking
Low-Cost, Very Large Diamond-Turned Metal Mirror
Very-High-Load-Capacity Air Bearing Spindle for Large Diamond Turning Machines

Physical Sciences

Real-Time Minimization of Tracking Error for Aircraft Systems
Lunar Organic Waste Reformer
Digital Laser Frequency Stabilization via Cavity Locking Employing Low-Frequency Direct Modulation
Deep UV Discharge Lamps in Capillary Quartz Tubes with Light Output Coupled to an Optical Fiber
Speech Acquisition and Automatic Speech Recognition for Integrated Spacesuit Audio Systems, Version II
Advanced Sensor Technology for Algal Biotechnology
High-Speed Spectral Mapper

Electronics & Computers

CCSDS Telemetry Decoder VHDL Core
Thermal Response of a High-Power Switch to Short Pulses
Tech Exchange