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Infrared Cameras Enhance Productivity and Safety at GM
Micro-Accelerometers Monitor Equipment Health

Who's Who

Jason Moore, Fiber Optic Sensors Engineer, NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA

Products of the Month

Product of the Month: October 2014
6U AC/DC VPX Power Supply
Multi-Function HD Video Tracker
Multi-Touch Development Platform
Absolute Pressure Sensor

Application Briefs

NASA Launch Pads Protected Against Lightning-Induced Power Surges
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Hovercraft Landing System
Novel Catalytic Reactor System for CO2 Reduction via Sabatier Process
Technology for a Comet Sample Return Mission Version 2
Nitrous Oxide Ethane-Ethylene Engine
Method for Improved Gun-Drilled Cold Plate Fabrication and Inspection
Powder Handling Device for Analytical Instruments

Information Sciences

Interface Validation for Distributed Software Systems
Simple, Scalable, Script-Based Science Processing Archive
A Model-Driven Science Data Product Registration Service
Design of Rate-Compatible Protograph LDPC Codes
Model Predictive Automatic Recovery System
Rapid Prototyping Lab (RPL) Generic Display Engine


Layered Composite Thermal Insulation System for Non-Vacuum Applications
White, Electrically Dissipative Thermal Control Coating
Ultra-High-Temperature Ceramic Composites with SiC Reinforcements
Cathode Discharge Catalytic Systems for Hydrogen Recovery from Methane
Beneficiation of Planetary Regolith by Pneumatically Enhanced Tribocharging of Granular Material

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Multi-Step DRIE Process to Fabricate Silicon-Based THz Components
Plasma Reduction of Lunar Regolith for In-Space Fabrication
Method for Determining Self-Reacting Friction Stir Weld Schedules
Flexible, Lightweight Vacuum Shell for Load-Responsive Multilayer Insulation for High Thermal Performance
Bulk Separation and Manipulation of Carbon Nanotubes by Type

Physical Sciences

Nanosensor/Cellphone Hybrid for Detecting Chemicals and Concentrations
Coated or Doped Carbon Nanotube Network Sensors as Affected by Environmental Parameters
Regenerable Internal CO Scrubber for Hydrogen Sensors
Nanostructure Sensor Determines Presence and Concentration of a Target Molecule in Fluid
Floating Ultrasonic Transducer Inspection System for Nondestructive Evaluation
Multiplexer for Multiple Sensors in a Vacuum Chamber
Miniaturized Schottky Diode Sensors for Hydrogen and Hydrocarbon Detection at High Temperatures
Analog Ceramic Isolated Voltage Sensor
Flexible and Erectable Magnetic Field Response Sensors
Miniature Amperometric Solid Electrolyte Carbon Dioxide Sensor with Low Detection Limit
Improved Light Injection and Detection Methods for fNIRS Headgear for Use in Avionics and Astronautics
A High-Cross-Polarization-Isolation, Multi-Frequency Antenna for Cloud and Precipitation Research
External Magnetic Field Reduction Technique for Advanced Stirling Radioisotope Generator
Advanced P-Band Spaceborne Radar System
Global Fire Detection Constellation
Compact Solid-State Entangled Photon Source

Electronics & Computers

Fourier Transform Spectrometer on Autonomous Self-Healing Hardware Platform
Low-Temperature-Compatible Electronics for a Miniature Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer
Ionospheric Delay Compensation Using a Scale Factor Based on an Altitude of a Receiver
Microelectronic Repair Techniques for Wafer-Level Integration
Multi-Gigabit-Rate Radiation Hard Bus
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