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Products of Tomorrow: April 2015
Reducing Interconnection Weight in Autosports
SAE 2015 World Congress Preview
Magnetic Fluids Deliver Better Speaker Sound Quality

Who's Who

Emily Wilson, Scientist, Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD

Products of the Month

Product of the Month: April 2015

Application Briefs

Precision Measurement and Inspection Ensure Quality of SLS Rocket Panels
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

ACS Anchor Guide Stud and Caddy
Next-Generation, Lightweight Hard Upper Torso/Hatch Assembly
Elastic Deployable Composite Tubular Roll-Out Boom
Reduced-Speed Duplex-Ring Seal
Performing Launch Depressurization Test on Large Test Articles Using Two Vacuum Chambers in Tandem
Pyramid Micro-Electrofluidic-Spray Propulsion Thruster with Integrated Attitude and Thrust Vector Control
Sampling Mechanism for a Comet Sample Return Mission


Purifying Nanomaterials by Dissolving Excess Reactants and Catalysts in Ferric Chloride
White, Electrically Conductive, Radiation-Stable, Thermal Control Coating
Plasma-Assisted Thin Film Coatings to Create Highly Hydrophobic Porous Structures
High-Performance Photocatalytic Oxidation Reactor System


Lunar Cold Trap Contamination by Landing Vehicles
Visualization of Terascale Datasets with Imposters
Transforming DAVE-ML Models to Executable C/C++
Context-Based Configuration Management System
Mesh: Lightweight Grid Middleware Using Existing Secure Shell Infrastructure
Delay Tolerant Networking Contact Graph Routing MACHETE Model
JavaGenes Data Optimization
A Large-Eddy Simulation Model of the Atmospheric Boundary Layer

Physical Sciences

Hydrogen Peroxide for Microbial Growth Control in Space Potable Water Systems
Method of Water Regeneration From Waste and Cascade Distillation

Test & Measurement

Low Er-Doped Yttrium Gallium Garnet (YGG) as Active Media for Solid-State Lasers at 1651 nm
Dual-Cavity Rayleigh Scattering Measurement System
Miniature Laser Magnetometer
Cryogenic Slosh Apparatus
Negative-Ion Time Projection Chamber Polarimeter for Measuring Polarization of Bright Transient Astrophysical Sources
Nonlinear Swept Frequency Technique for CO2 Measurements Using a CW Laser System

Sensors/Data Acquisition

Advanced Methodology for Precisely Simulating RTD Sensor Types
Microwave Radar Sensor Module
Microphones and Accelerometer Sensors Network for Acoustic Diagnostics (MASNAD)
MEMS Gyroscope with Dual Interferometric Sense Elements
MMOD Risk Mitigation Technology for Spacecraft Thermal Protection Systems
Shock-Sensing Apparatus


An Operationally Based Vision Assessment Simulator for Domes
Ad Hoc Adaptive Pitch Axis Pilot Model
Development of a Turnkey Clear Air Turbulence Detection System
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