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The Future of Exploration Starts With 3D Printing
Space Blanket-Inspired Cases Protect Expensive Devices
Products of Tomorrow: May 2016
3D Imaging Reveals Battery Degradation in Real Time
Filtering in Machine Vision

Who's Who

John Hanson, Nodes Deputy Project Manager and Technical Lead, NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA

Products of the Month

Product of the Month: May 2016
Tunable Edge Filters
Line-Scan Cameras
Low Noise, High Sensitivity Radiometer
High-Speed Cameras
Laser Machining Software
High-Speed Cameras
Spatial Light Modulator
Pulsed Semiconductor Laser
Deep UV LEDs
Auto-Focus Cameras
GigE Cameras
Industrial Housing
Adaptive Optics Kit
Multimode Laser Diode
USB Cameras
CCD Spectroscopy Cameras
Fiber Optic Amplifiers
Fiber Blowing Solutions
Industrial Picosecond Lasers
Fiber Optic Sensing Platform
3D Surface Profiler
Double-Clad Optical Fibers
Outdoor Surveillance Cameras
Fiber-Coupled Laser
Infrared Cameras
Optical Fiber Bundle Assemblies
Inverted Apodizing Filters
Piezoelectric Transducers
Laser Wavelength Meter
Video Development Kit

Application Briefs

Solar Orbiter Instrument Filters Powered by Brushed Motor
Using UV LEDs to Cure Fiber Optic Cables
Customized Drone Maps Glaciers
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Lightweight, Reusable Payload Launch and Transportation Latch
Structural Assembly Incorporating Integral Thermal Heat Spreader for Cold Plate Cooling
Advanced Magnetostrictive Regulator, Valve, and Force-to-Angle Sensor
Circular Cross-Section Blades for a Sampling Device
Clamshell Sampler
Shape Memory Alloy Rock Splitter
Passive, Low-Insertion-Force/High-Retention-Force Cam Plug Design for Sample Tube Sample Caging
Design Support and Analysis Tool for Pyrotechnically Actuated Valves
Deployable Extra-Vehicular Activity Platform (DEVAP) for Planetary Surfaces
Two-Phase Thermal Switch

Information Sciences

BALFIT Version 3.1 Multivariate Regression Analysis and Regression Model Optimization Software
Mariana Text Classification System
Marshall MRMS Mosaic Python Toolkit (MMM-Py)
Data Encoding and Parallelization Porting Techniques to Transform Binary Data Formats to Hadoop/MapReduce
Framework Software Library Version 1.0
Crisis Mapping Toolkit (CMT) V1
Real-Bogus Machine Learning Systems at the Intermediate Palomar Transient Factory
Scalable Gaussian Process Regression
MBSE-Driven Systems Engineering Visualization Suite
Python Turbulence Detection Algorithm (PyTDA)


Relativistic Ion Tracks (RITRACKS)
Medical Oxygen Concentrator for Microgravity Operation
Lateral Displacement Device for Blood Cell Separation
Using a Blood Clot in Microfluidic Valving Applications
Drug-Encapsulated Prosthetic Enhancement
Portable Resting State Detection System Using Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy

Electronics & Computers

High-Bandwidth, Wide Field-of-View, Ultra-Sensitive, Radiation-Hardened, Short-Wave Infrared (SWIR) Receiver
Magnetometer for Vectorized Field Sensing via Zero-Field, Spin-Dependent Recombination in Silicon Carbide Microelectronics
Ethernet-to-HRDL Conversion Design
Flash LIDAR Emulator
Nanotube-Based Device Cooling System
Architecture for an Intermediate-Frequency Digital Downconversion and Data Distribution Network
Reliability Assessment of CCGA 1752 Advanced Interconnect Kyocera Packages for Extreme Thermal Environments

Sensors/Data Acquisition

Pressure Sensor Using Piezoelectric Bending Resonators
Using a Ubiquitous Conductor to Power and Interrogate Wireless Passive Sensors and Construct a Sensor Network
Full-Field Inverse Finite Element Method for Deformed Shape- and Stress-Sensing of Plate and Shell Structures
Pressure-Optimized Optical Breath Gas Analyzer for Portable Life Support Systems
Lightweight Metal Rubber Textile Sensor for In-Situ Lunar Health Monitoring


One-Micron (1064-nm) Planar External Cavity Laser (PLANEX)
Micro Cylindrical Ion Trap Micro Mass Spectrometer Instrument System
Invertible Time Invariant Linear Filtering (InTILF) Method for Pattern Detection and Modeling of Stochastic One- or Two- Dimensional Data
Spatially Aberrated Spectral Filtering for High-Performance Spectral Imaging


Autonomous Leading-Edge Slat Device for Reduction of Aeroacoustic Noise Associated with Aircraft Wings
StormGen Weather Editor
Pair-wise Trajectory Management (PTM) Airborne Human Machine Interface (HMI) Display Design
Elastomeric Structural Attachment Concepts for Aircraft Flap Noise Reduction
Aircraft Engine Exhaust Nozzle System for Jet Noise Reduction
Rotorcraft Noise Model (RNM)
Wheel Helmet to Reduce Landing Gear Noise

RF & Microwave Electronics

High-Data-Rate Platform to Capture and Analyze Raw Baseband Clock/Data
V-FASTR Radio Transient Classifier
Wideband, Dual-Polarized, Ultra-Low-Noise Focal Plane Array Feed for Active/Passive Microwave Remote Sensing
RF Source Modifications to Improve Performance of an Electronegative Plasma Thruster
Simple Impedance Matched Planar Microwave Blocking Filter
Microwave Regenerative Sorbent-based Hydrogen Purifier (MRSHP)
Low-Power Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) Communication System
RF System MATLAB Model Simulation Using a Variety of Data Sources