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Products of Tomorrow: August 2016
Human Spaceflight Takes a Giant Leap
Suiting Up for the Future
Modified Monitor Provides Glasses-Free 3D for Pilots and Gamers
Precise Measurements on Earth Enable Further Exploration in Space
Next-Generation Infrared Technologies Solve High-Speed Automotive Testing Challenges
Choosing the Right Hardware for Testing in Harsh Environments

Who's Who

Stevan Spremo, Project Manager, COTSAT-1, Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA

Products of the Month

Product of the Month: August 2016
Measurement Terminal
Digital Measurement
Handheld Meter
Bit Error Rate Tester
Friction Tester
Signal Analyzer

Application Briefs

Creating Advanced Dosimeters Requires Thorough Inspection of Small Components
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Self-Latching Piezocomposite Actuator
Fluid Harmonic Absorber
Variable-Aperture Reciprocating Reed Valve
Passive, Integrated, Sublimator-Driven Coldplate
Hydraulic Pressure Distribution System


Polyimide Aerogels with Three-Dimensional Cross-Linked Structure
Catalytic Oxidation of Organic Contaminants at Reduced Pressure
Approach for Achieving Flame Retardancy While Retaining Physical Properties in a Compatible Polymer Matrix
Metal/Fiber Laminate and Fabrication Using a Porous Metal/Fiber Preform


Improved Digital Map Rendering Method
Interactive Diagnostic Modeling Evaluator
High-Fidelity 3D Electromagnetic (E&M) Propagation Modeling Tools

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Tension Stiffened and Tendon Actuated Manipulator
Lattice Structures Coating Concept for Efficient Thermal Linking Beds
A Statistically Based Approach to Broadband Liner Design and Assessment
Connection and Repair Techniques for Capillary Tubing in Restrictive Areas and Gas Chromatography Applications

Machinery & Automation

Active Response Gravity Offload and Method

Test & Measurement

In-Flight Pitot-Static Calibration
Real-Time Radiation Monitoring Using Nanotechnology
External Diagnostic Method to Detect Electrical Charging in Complex Ion Trapping Systems
Sonar Inspection Robot System
Modules for Inspection, Qualification, and Verification of Pressure Vessels

Electronics & Computers

High Field Superconducting Magnets
Distributed Diagnostics and Prognostics
Lens-Coupled Dielectric Waveguides
Sampling and Control Circuit Board for an Inertial Measurement Unit
Efficient Radiation Shielding Through Direct Metal Laser Sintering


3D Imaging Laser System
Smart Image Enhancement Process
Compact Thermal Neutron Imaging System Using Axisymmetric Focusing Mirrors
High-Speed Edge-Detecting Circuit for Use with Linear Image Sensor
Two- and Three-Dimensional Near-Infrared Subcutaneous Structure Imager Using Adaptive Nonlinear Video Processing
Methods of Real-Time Image Enhancement of Flash LIDAR Data and Navigating a Vehicle Using Flash LIDAR Data
Spatially Aberrated Spectral Filtering for High-Performance Spectral Imaging
A Common-Mode Digital Holographic Microscope
Embedded Technology

Product Briefs

OpenVPX, VME/CPCI Shelf Managers
RF Connectors
Fanless Embedded Computers
High Reliability Crystal Oscillators