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2017 Create the Future Design Contest: Consumer Products Category Winner
2017 Create the Future Design Contest: Machinery Category Winner
2017 Create the Future Design Contest: Aerospace & Defense Category Winner
Contacts for Hi-Rel Connectors: Comparing Technologies
Mineral Analyzer Shakes Answers Out of Soil and Rocks
Products of Tomorrow: November 2017
2017 Create the Future Design Contest Special Awards Section
2017 Create the Future Design Contest: Electronics Winner
2017 Create the Future Design Contest: Grand Prize Winner
2017 Create the Future Design Contest: Sustainable Technologies Category Winner
2017 Create the Future Design Contest: Automotive Category Winner
Naval Research Laboratory
2017 Create the Future Design Contest: Medical Category Winner

Products of the Month

Product of the Month: November 2017

Application Briefs

Injection Molding Service Saves Time and Money for Spring Manufacturer
Tech Briefs


Desktop Status
ScienceOrganizer: A Scientific Knowledge Management and Remote Experimentation Tool
Knowledge Preservation Management
Development of Automated Structural Health Monitoring for Composite Overwrapped Pressure Vessels

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Sample Holder for Evaluating Thin Film Sensor Materials in Gaseous Environments
Diffusion-Bonded CVC SiC for Large UVOIR Telescope Mirrors and Structures
Forging Graphene into Three-Dimensional Shapes
Optofluidic 3D Printing
Method for Inflating Uniformly Stiff Tubular Booms
Interim, In-Situ Additive Manufacturing Inspection

Machinery & Automation

Piezoelectric Actuator with Dual Horns Separately Controllable to Drive Miniature Vehicles Along a Single Axis
Crab Crawl Maneuver for Independently Steerable Wheeled Platforms
Continuous Diagnostic System Predicts Industrial Robot Faults


App Enables Smartphone Camera to Screen for Pancreatic Cancer
Smartphone Camera Measures Heart Health
Independent Navigation for the Visually Impaired Using a Wearable, Vision-Based Feedback System

Electronics & Computers

Flexible, Printable Electronics for Sensor Arrays
Single Event Upset Suppression System (SEUSS)
Device for and Method of Computer Intrusion Anticipation, Detection, and Remediation
Integrated Three-Dimensional Module Heat Exchanger for Power Electronics Cooling
High-Energy-Storage Capacitor
Flexible Wearable Electronics Use Body Heat for Energy
Photonics & Imaging Technology


CoaXPress Blazes Trail for Faster, Higher Quality Machine Vision
Improved Surface Characterization with AFM Imaging


Line Scan Cameras
Optical Monitoring System Enables Greater Accuracy In Thin-Film Coatings


An Electron Caught in the Act
Scientists Demonstrate New Real-Time Technique for Studying Ionic Liquids at Electrode Interfaces
Optical Probing Deep into the Eye
R&D Effort Produces Magnetic Devices to Enable More Powerful X-ray Lasers