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Design for Metal Additive Delivers New Standards for Metal Parts
Facility Focus: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Lincoln Laboratory
Products of Tomorrow: January 2018
Zinc-Silicate Coating Blocks Corrosion

Products of the Month

Product of the Month: January 2018

Application Briefs

Creating an Impedance Matching Method for Wireless Battery Charging
Tech Briefs


Process Turns Carbon Dioxide into 3D Graphene with Microporous Surface
Electromagnetic Metamaterial with Wide Angular and Broadband Spectral Absorption
Nanoporous Material Reduces Computer Energy Consumption
Fluorinated Alkyl Ether Epoxy Resin Compositions and Applications Thereof
Bulk Preparation of Holey Graphene via Controlled Catalytic Oxidation
Nickel Oxide Compound for High-Temperature Superconductors
Freeze-Dried Boron Nitride Foam Soaks Up Carbon Dioxide
Inorganic-Organic Hybrid Polymers for High-Temperature Applications


AMMOS-PDS Pipeline Service (APPS)
Algorithm Repairs Corrupted Digital Images in One Step
Soil Moisture Active-Passive Project Spacecraft Flight Software
Deterministic Annealing Clustering
Software Verifies Identity by DNA in Minutes
Discontinuous-Galerkin Spectral-Element Solver (Eddy)
Data Compression and Pattern Recognition Software for Hypersensor Data
Adjoint Error Estimation for Embedded-Boundary Cartesian Meshes for use with Cart3D

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Hybrid 3D Printing Method for Flexible Electronics
Additive Manufacturing Facility for Utilization Primarily in Microgravity Environments
Joining of Ti, Mo, and Ni Terminated Thermoelectric Segments via Brazing
Printable Structures Self-Fold Without Heating or Immersion in Water
3D-Printed Objects Connect to WiFi Without Electronics
Extrusion Method Improves Structural Properties of Magnesium
High-Resolution, 3D Cell-Printing of Living Tissues
Stress-Induced Nanofabrication

Machinery & Automation

Flexible “Skin” Senses Shear Force
Software Improves Ability of Robots to Communicate with Humans
Transparent, Hydrogel-Based Robots Move When Inflated with Water
System Enables Robots to Understand Contextual Commands
Controlling Soft Robots Using Magnetic Fields
Evolving and Controlling Behaviors in a Computation-Free Robot Swarm


Integrated Lab-on-a-Chip Uses Smartphone to Detect Multiple Pathogens
Methods for Characterizing Nonlinear Fields of a High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound Source
Smart Artificial Limbs
Device Heals Organs Through Cell Function Change
LightCensor Software for Optimized Viewing of Medical Images
Wearable Biosensor Monitors Exposure to Bacteria, Viruses, and Pollutants
Portable Device for Rapid Detection of the Zika Virus

Test & Measurement

Non-Destructive Additive Manufacturing Characterization Coupon
High-Sensitivity, Environmentally Isolated Bearing Tester
Sensor Droplets Enable Cheaper, Faster Food Testing
Wind Turbine Blade Testing System Using Base Excitation
Nano Layer Helps Measuring Devices Withstand Extreme Environments
Cryogenic and Non-Cryogenic Liquid Level Instrument
Component Leak Test Apparatus

Electronics & Computers

Microwave-Based Test Method for Computer Chips
New Quantum Computing Design Based on “Flip-Flop” Qubits
Silicon Carbide High-Voltage Switch
Semiconductor Blocks Heat Transfer and Preserves Conductivity


Stereoscopic Imaging in Hypersonic Boundary Layers Using Planar Laser-Induced Fluorescence
Color-Changing Surface Tunable Through Electrical Voltage
Improved 3D Imaging Using Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)
Dual-Field-of-View Multiband Optics
Optical Ultrasound Needle for Heart Surgery
Microscope Scans Tumors During Surgery and Examines Cancer Biopsies in 3D
Photonics & Imaging Technology


Nd:YAG or Fiber Laser for Micro Welding?
The Effects of Micro-Electric Discharge Machining (μEDM) on the Topography of Stainless Steel
3D Vision Made Easy
SPIE Photonics WEST 2018 Preview


Researchers Develop Flexible, Stretchable Photonic Devices
Using Ground Sensors to Defend Aircraft Against Laser Strikes
Wireless Handheld Spectrometer Transmits Data to Smartphone
Transfer Technique Produces Wearable Gallium Nitride Gas Sensors
Compact Cooling for Superconducting Single-Photon Detectors
Energy Storage Thermal Management