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Los Alamos National Laboratory
Selecting a Force Measurement Solution to Minimize Variables and Protect Tensile Testing Data
Design Issues with Wearables From the Perspective of Electromechanical Components
Products of Tomorrow: July 2018
Remote Sensing for Smarter Forest Fire Fighting

Products of the Month

New on the Market: July 2018
Product of the Month: July 2018

Application Briefs

Autonomous Vehicles and the Burden of Testing
Tech Briefs


Fused Analytic Desktop Environment (FADE)
Active Response Gravity Offload System
Global Series Solutions of Nonlinear Differential Equations with Shocks using Walsh Functions
Space Habitability Observation Reporting Tool (iSHORT)
Geodesolver for the Geodesic Equation

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Laser Technique Writes Graphene Patterns on Most Surfaces
Blocking/Deblocking Resin Systems
3D-Printed Device Produces Nanofiber Meshes
Ultra-High-Temperature Polymer Additive Manufacturing
Molten Target Sputtering (MTS) Deposition
3D-Printed Biomaterials Degrade on Demand
Volumetric 3D Printing
A Method to Apply Thermal and Environmental Barrier Coatings

Test & Measurement

Real-Time Airborne Particle Analyzer
Flexible Ultrasound Patch for Inspecting Damage in Odd-Shaped Structures
Simple, Accurate Method for Contact Angle Measurement
Nuclear Radiation-Detecting Device
Constant-Pressure, High-Throughput Membrane Permeation Testing System
Correcting the Antenna Temperature of an Earth-Observing Microwave Instrument for Extraterrestrial Contamination

Sensors/Data Acquisition

Near-Zero-Power Temperature Sensor
Positional Sensor Measures Rotational and Lateral Displacements
Wireless Chemical Sensor and Sensing Method for Use Therewith
Biodegradable Microsensors for Food Monitoring
Multi-Layer Wireless Sensor Construct for Use at Electrically Conductive Material Surfaces
Integrated Ultra-Wideband Tracking and Carbon Dioxide Sensing System
Passive In-Situ Gas and Chemical Sensor


OFFSET: A Global Carbon Cycle Game
Gas Biosensors “See” Through Soil to Analyze Microbial Interactions
Crystallization Method for Carbon Capture from Ambient Air
Reducing Moisture in Natural Fibers
Bi-Directional Energy Cascades and the Origin of Kinetic Turbulence in the Solar Wind
Protein Mat Soaks Up Chemical Pollution
Recyclable Polymer Exhibits Practical Properties of Plastics


Polymer Membrane Separators for Next-Generation Energy-Water Systems
Mobile Power Distribution System
Double-acting Extremely Light Thermo-Acoustic (DELTA) Converter
Hybrid Controller for Multiple Energy Storage Devices
Composite Panel with Integrated Thermal Control
Photonics & Imaging Technology


Military Optics Technology
Bringing Multispectral Imaging to Industrial Applications


Eyes in the Sky: Using Optical Filters to Observe and Measure Earth From a Different Perspective
Principles of Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopes
Rethinking FPGAs for Smart Cameras
Taking It to the Streets: Designing Streetlamp Optical Components


Imaging Flexible DNA ‘Building Blocks’ in 3-D
Solving a Problem that Plagues Scanning Tunneling Microscopes
Seeing the Brain’s Electrical Activity
Lens-Free Fluorescent Microscope
See Objects Hidden Around Corners