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Products of Tomorrow: August 2018
Optimized Imager Tracks Cancer and Stem Cells in Medical Research
Key Technologies Needed to Advance Mission-Critical IoT
Plant Food for Space Grows Crops on Earth
Auxiliary Power Solutions for 1500 VDC Photovoltaic Systems
Air Force Research Laboratory

Who's Who

5 Ws of the PHADE Addressing System
Q&A: Dr. Sara Abdollahi, Carnegie Mellon University College of Engineering, Pittsburgh, PA

Products of the Month

New on the Market: August 2018
Product of the Month: August 2018
IMTS Product Preview 2018

Application Briefs

Reducing Weight and Design Time for Dream Chaser Spacecraft
System Tests Dream Chaser's Atmospheric Flight Control System
Tech Briefs


Artificial “Blubber” Protects Divers in Frigid Water
Hardface Coating Systems for Wear and Corrosion Resistance
Rubber-Like Adhesive Film Sticks to Highly Deformable Areas
Water-Repellent Nanotextures Possess Anti-Fogging Capability
Modified, 3D-Printable Alloy for Flexible Electronics and Soft Robots


Simulation Technique Models Material-Aging Process
Modification of SURFICE Code
Comprehensive Software Simulation on Ground Special Power at Kennedy Space Center
Information Sharing Protocol VCR (ISPVCR)
Location Awareness Algorithm for Internet of Things Devices

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Method 3D-Prints Marine-Grade Stainless Steel
Printing Flexible, Stretchable Silver Nanowire Circuits
3D Printing of All-Liquid 3D Structures
Diamond Pellet Grinding Tool


Portable Brain Imaging System
Self-Powered Paper Patch Measures Glucose
Non-Invasive Diabetes Monitoring Patch
Ingestible Sensors Powered by Stomach Acid

Electronics & Computers

Integrated Inverter for Controlling Multiple Electric Machines
Power Outlet Analyzes Electrical Current Usage
Thermally Conductive Crystals Dissipate Electronics Heat
Ultra-Low Power Consumption for Data Recording
Microcontroller Altimeter (uCA)
Supersonic Waves Enable Heat Management in Electronics Devices
Linear Resonators Make Electronics More Resistant to Damage and Defects
Advances in Spintronic Devices
Built-In Temperature Sensing Method in a Microheater


Crystal-Free Formation of Non-Oxide Optical Fiber
Material Brings Optical Communication onto Silicon Chips
Hybrid Optics for Color Imaging
Hyperfine Interpolated Range Finding for CW Lidar, Radar, and Sonar Using Repeating Waveforms and Fourier Transform Reordering
Tech Exchange