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National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Products of Tomorrow: September 2018
How Augmented Reality Will Disrupt the Manufacturing Industry
Multifunctional, Integrated, Photonic Lab-on-a-Chip for Astronaut Health Monitoring
Key Considerations When Selecting a Connector Solution: Addressing Materials, Layout, and Assembly Aspects
Key Considerations When Selecting a Connector Solution: Choosing a Suitable Connector Supplier

Products of the Month

New on the Market: September 2018
Product of the Month: September 2018 Tech Briefs

Application Briefs

NASA's Robotic Sniffer Finds Space Station Leak
Coating Erosion Tests Help Keep Mars 2020 Rover Safe
Tech Briefs


Metamaterial Device Controls Transmission and Reflection of Acoustic Waves
High-Kinetic-Energy Penetrator Shielding and High-Wear-Resistance Materials Fabricated with Boron Nitride Nanotubes and BNNT Polymer Composites
Catalytic Mechanism Converts CO2 to Methanol
Coatings Make Natural Fabrics Waterproof
Melt-Cast Explosive Material

Manufacturing & Prototyping

3D-Printed Active Materials for Robots
Controlled Manufacture of Porous Silicon Carbide

Test & Measurement

Nano/Micro Mechanical Environmental Test Cell
Microtesting Rig
Device Detects Explosives, Drugs, or Lead
Stray Energy Indicator for Pyrotechnic Applications
Carbon Dioxide Collection and Pressurization Technology
Active Measurement Cancellation
Flexible, Compliant, Multiline Microprobes for Measuring Material Electrical Properties

Electronics & Computers

Technique Boosts Capacity of Computer Storage
Electrical Contact to Molecules in Semiconductor Structures
Novel Synaptic Architecture for Brain-Inspired Computing
Artificial Intelligence Senses People Through Walls
Faster, More Efficient Information Processing


Faster Photons Could Make Data Totally Secure
Atomically Thin Device Transmits Signals Across a Broad Frequency Range
Transmitter Protects Wireless Data from Hackers
Antiferromagnetic-Based Memory Processes Data at Terahertz Speeds
Rapidly Deployable Communications Platform


Integrated Multiphysics and Advanced Diagnostics
Piezoelectric Thrust Vector Control for Hall Effect Thruster
Non-Toxic HAN Monopropellant Propulsion
Photonics & Imaging Technology


Specifying Coatings for Military and Aerospace Applications
Three Popular Machine Vision Standards


What's Ahead for Machine Vision Cameras?
Advanced Materials Help Lasers Beat the Heat


Deep Learning Transforms Smartphone Microscopes into Laboratory-Grade Devices
COSMIC Impact: Next-Gen X-Ray Microscopy Platform
A Paper-Like LCD — Thin, Flexible, Tough, and Cheap
Researchers Create Precision Optical Components with Inkjet Printing
Sensor Technology


The Expanding Role of Sensors in the IoT/IIoT
Solar PV and Lithium-Ion Battery Hybrids for the IIoT — A User's Guide


How to Specify Intrinsically Safe Remote Monitoring Sensor Systems


Direct-Current Detector for Emergency Responder Safety
Realization of High-Performance Magnetic Sensors Using Magnetic Vortex Structures
Keeping Data Fresh for Wireless Networks
The Ultimate ‘Smell Test’: Device Sends Rotten Food Warning to Smartphones
A Nanotech Sensor Turns Molecular Fingerprints into Bar Codes
NIST/NASA Study Shows One Detector Doesn't Fit All for Smoke in Spacecraft
An Artificial Nerve System Developed at Stanford Gives Prosthetic Devices and Robots a Sense of Touch


New Products: September 2018 Sensor Technology