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Key Considerations When Selecting a Connector Solution
Products of Tomorrow: October 2018
NASA at 60: 1958-2018 Decades of Discovery
NASA at 60: The First A
Facility Focus: Idaho National Laboratory
NASA at 60: Celebrating Success
NASA at 60: From Space to Earth
Quantum Computing: Learning to Speak a Whole New Technology

Products of the Month

New on the Market: October 2018
Product of the Month: October 2018
Tech Briefs


Conformal Metasurface Coating Eliminates Crosstalk and Shrinks Waveguides
Technique Creates Adaptive Materials
Engineering Soft Materials that Mimic Neural Tissue
Generating Light-Induced Electrical Current in Atomically Thin Nanomaterials


Evaluating Effects of Exhaust Heat Recovery Systems on Fuel Economy and Emissions
Algorithm Enables Drones to Work in a Coordinated Approach

Manufacturing & Prototyping

3D-Printing Light Receptors on a Hemispherical Surface
Bio-Renewable Process Creates “Green” Plastic
Fabricating Battery Electrodes Using 3D Printing
3D Printing Enables Bulk Creation of Metallic Glass Alloys

Electronics & Computers

Switch Controls Light on a Nanoscale for Faster Information Processing
“Soft Hardware” Cloth Has Built-In Electronic Devices
Efficient Semiconductor Material for Thermal Management
Soft, Pliable, 3D Stretchable Electronics

Sensors/Data Acquisition

Configuration Enables RFID Tags to Work as Sensors
Acoustic Beamforming Array Using Feedback-Controlled Microphones for Tuning and Self-Matching of Frequency Response
Optical Mass Sensor for Multi-Phase Flows
Compact, High-Resolution Rotary Position Sensor
Polymer Nanofiber-Based Reversible Nano-Switch/Sensor Schottky Diode (nanoSSSD) Device
Hybrid Silicone-Fabric Sensor for Wearable Robots


Power Line Detection System for Unmanned Aircraft Systems
Air Traffic Management (ATM) System
Wing Shape Design Reduces Vortex and Wake
Insect-Inspired Drone Deforms Upon Impact
Motion Design


Motion Control in Factories: Choosing the Right Solution
Single-Axis Motion Control Systems: Multi-Sourced vs. Single-Sourced


Unique Lift System Enables Installation and Servicing of Large Telescope Mirrors


Technique Allows Mobile Robots to Navigate Autonomously
Popcorn-Driven Robotic Actuators
Robotic Modules Modify Their Environment for Specific Tasks


New Products: October 2018 Motion Design