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Products of Tomorrow: December 2018
Vote for Product of the Year 2018
Sterilizing Fogger Cleans Ambulances with a Breeze
Innovators Recognized for "Creating the Future" 2018
Facility Focus: Ames Laboratory
Five Industry Trends Disrupting the Design and Manufacturing World
Simulation for Everyone

Products of the Month

New on the Market: December 2018
Product of the Month: December 2018

Application Briefs

Crash Test Dummies Get Older and Better with 3D Printing
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Shape Memory Alloy Rock Splitters (SMARS)
Ducted Fuel Injection for Soot Reduction
Ultralight Gloves Provide Realistic Haptic Feedback
SHEAth-based Rollable LEnticular-Shaped and Low-Stiction (SHEARLESS) Composite Booms
Variable-Pitch Turbine Blades
System Makes Opaque Materials Totally Transparent
Submarine Swims Without an Engine
Reusable Breakaway Mounting Device
A New Twist Makes Rotating Machinery More Efficient and Quieter

Electronics & Computers

Sandwiching Materials in Nanoelectronics
Chip with Micro-Hotplate for Self-Healing and Sustainable Electronics
Gated Chopper Integrator (GCI)

Sensors/Data Acquisition

Sensor Combination Detects People by Smell
Ionization-Based Multidirectional Flow Sensor
Real-Time Ion Mobility Sensor System
Printable Metal Tags Turn Objects into Smart, Connected Devices
Wide-Area Chemical Sensor
Device Detects Subatomic-Scale Motion
Inductive Non-Contact Position Sensor


Low-Light Night Vision Imaging and Video Capture
Optimetric Measurements Over Coherent Free-Space Optical Communication
New Laser for Improving Telecommunications and Computing
Portable Acousto-Optic Spectrometers
Dynamic Optical Grating Device for Modulating Light
Using Sound Waves to Produce Optical Isolators
Active Pointing Monitor for a 2-Axis Optical Control System


Compound-Lens Camera for Industry and Smartphones
Algorithm Enables Faster Analysis of Medical Images
Blue-Light Imaging Sees Through Fire


New Catalyst for Plastic Production Also Creates Hydrogen
High-Power-Density Solid Oxide Fuel Cell
Alternating Current Photovoltaic Building Block
Battery Provides Electric Vehicles with Immunity from Climate Conditions
Thermochromic Windows Convert Sunlight into Electricity
Motion Design


Smart Actuators Deliver on the Promise of Industry 4.0


Multi-Axis Motion Controller Accelerates Gear Testing
One-Cable Automation Streamlines Robotic Non-Destructive Inspection Systems


Optical Gyroscope-on-a-Chip
High-Performance Cageless Bearings with Minimal Frictional Loss


New Products: December 2018, Motion Design